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Drying Out

Please watch the below video:

Now, here’s the deal – I’m the meat (boy wouldn’t feminists go crazy if they knew I just referred to myself as a piece of meat HA!) and the air being sucked from the bag is the moisture being sucked from my body.

Get the picture? My whole body is like this piece of meat that has had all the air sucked out of it.

I’m a walking, talking, wrinkled, pasty, scaly, cracking, bleeding shell of a woman. Attractive, no?

(Oh honey! How’s about a kiss?)

But seriously, I’m drying out and it’s not pretty. My hands are especially dry. Probably because I wash them like a bazillion times a day.

My hands get so dry this time of year that the skin, right next to the tip of the nail, splits wide open and is sore for days until it scabs over and I end up biting cutting it off.

(Want to hold my hand? Actually, seriously, it IS embarrassing when I have to shake hands with someone).

My hands get so dry that it feels like I’ve dipped my hands into sugar granules and now it has that gritty, sandy feeling.

It’s gross and I can’t stand it!

Oh sure, I use lotion. In fact, I use that fancy-smancy Bath and Body Works hand lotion (that’s like $100 for a few ounces – okay fine, I’m exaggerating, it’s like $12.00 for a few ounces but dang it, that’s still too expensive) and though that works great, I’m so cheap that I use it sparingly because hello?! I’m not made of money here.

But I can’t stand the feel of my hands so I use it and heck, I might as well rub dollar bills on my hands because that’s all I can think about when I’m rubbing it in.

And the rest of my body dries out, too. I go through bottles of lotion for my arms and legs and probably one of those huge ice cream tubs full of Carmax for my lips because wow, it’s not sexy to kiss someone with chapped lips.

And I’m rather partial to kisses, thank you very much.

I wish I could find some cheaper lotion. And yes, I’ve tried nearly every lotion on the market today. The Bath and Body Works lotions really work well for me.

So, the point of this silly post was to ask you a question: What sorts of lotions work best for you? I’m specifically looking for hand lotions because honestly readers, my hands look 20 years older than the rest of my body.

Christmas song #16 Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas by Harry Connick, Jr.

11 thoughts on “Drying Out”

  1. When I started my acne treatment, my friend suggested Complex 15…It has no fragrance, no oil base and it is a GREAT moisturizer…I definitely have no complaints. My face dries out a LOT with the cream and the cold and Complex 15 has been GREAT.

  2. Udder cream. That sounds …. interesting. *grin* I will look into it.

    I wish we had a Trader Joe’s in my area. We visited a Trader Joe’s for the first time this past summer while in Washington DC and I loved that place!

    Oh wait. We just had a Mama Jean’s open up and I think it’s like Trader Joe’s. I’ll check to see if they have udder cream. Thanks for the tip!

  3. You need udder cream. I’m not kidding. It’s made for cows. It smells light and lovely. It is very very thick, but not greasy, and it absorbs well. It’s the only thing I’ve ever found that gets rid of my kids cracked-till-bleeding dry-skin eczema. And it costs about $4 for a hefty 12 oz. pot. You can buy it here: http://www.idealtruevalue.com/servlet/the-16843/Detail and lots of other places too. I get it at Trader Joe’s locally, so I don’t even have to pay shipping. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. Or whatever.

  4. I can’t believe I’m about to say this where other people can read it as I’m a handmade soapmaker that tries to be as natural as possible with anything I make, be it soap, a lotion or a balm, but if you’re as bad as you say you are, I’d go with the Vaseline. Use it just like a lotion during the day and a super treatment at night with gloves if you can handle wearing them overnight (it just about drove me nuts) Vaseline forms a barrier so the skin doesn’t dry out from the outside… use it over a good lotion to help keep that lotion in place and also help keep the moisture in your hands when your washing them so much. Also during the winter we tend to not drink as much water as we do durig the hot summer months and that’s a big contributer to dry skin in the winter… so up your water intake. Ok one more thing… Vitamins A, B complex, C and E play a big part in skin health. oops ONE more thing… once you start to repair your skin you’ll need to exfoliate the dead dry skin CAREFULLY. You can make your own sugar scrub with some brown sugar and enough olive oil to moisten it. Use it in the shower before your soap or body wash. Oh and BTW claims of moisturizing soap aren’t all they’re cracked up to be… you’re best to switch to a very mild soap like Ivory until you get things back to normal.

  5. Ooooh, what a great idea, Oregonsunshine! I definitely need help. In fact, I was just sitting here, looking at my poor, red and fast-approaching the bad chapping stage hands. I really need to do something.

  6. I like Aveeno’s baby lotion. The one that lasts for 24 hours and a couple hand washings.

    Karen, have you thought of getting a pair of white cotton gloves and some vaseline? You could smother your hands with the vaseline when you go to bed, put on the gloves and in the morning, your hands are moisturized again! This trick is used on feet too! It might get your hands to a point where maintenance throughout the day with hand lotion is enough.

  7. I recommend Vaseline Chesebrough Ponds in Hand Lotion, Avon Mositure Therapy Hand Cream, and intensive anything by Jergens.

    I hope this helps! These three are my favorite for dry skin. i actually use them on my legs as well (much dyer than my hands) and they work wonders.

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