Spend Less, Give More

Found this gem over at Pensieve – thanks for the reminder, Robin!

Actually, this is the first Christmas that we’re not going hog wild on each other, I’m happy to say. The hubs and I are only buying a few gifts for each other and the kids are scaling WAY down than in previous years.

We’re also buying gifts for two Salvation Army kids in need, we donated money to purchase a child three outfits and a winter coat, and my youngest son is playing his saxophone next Saturday at the mall as part of a community project through his school to try and persuade people to drop some money in the Salvation Army bucket.

So, how are you spending less and giving more?

Romans 12:13 — “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

Christmas song #9 A Mad Russian’s Christmas by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

2 thoughts on “Spend Less, Give More”

  1. being jewish, it is easier to opt out. the kids get a few gifts, but that’s it. we give to charity for the adults.

    i always figure, even being jewish, that you can’t go wrong i jesus is the example you follow

  2. What a great video! We don’t normally spend much at Christmas time – a few gifts for everyone and we’re good. We always sponsor a “forgotten angel”. Most everyone knows of the angel tree program – you pick a tag off a tree and buy gifts for that child. Our gifts go to a child whose tag was not picked up by anyone.

    By doing this, we are teaching our kids that there is more to life than Christmas presents!

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