Tired of Being Teased

This was originally published on my self-hosted blog January 23, 2007.

*WARNING: Rant ahead.
(Day 11 has ended – still NO power!!)

Is It Over Yet?
(I was exhausted in this picture).

The kids went back to school today. (They had been out of school for nearly two weeks when this happened).

I’m relieved. Okay actually, no, I’m not. I’m jealous. They get to go to a warm building, WITH lights. And I’m stuck at home, cold and in the dark.

I shouldn’t complain. The hubs hot-wired the house heater into the generator so its now possible to walk through the entire house without a coat on. And it’s daytime, and the sun is shining, sort of. But I’m alone for the first time in eleven days and I miss the rug rats.

I have a meeting with a prospective client at 10:15. After that I plan on heading out to the library because the thought of going back home, back to the cave, just doesn’t appeal to me.

I know I shouldn’t complain, we’ve had it so much better than most people. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that, but dang it. Just HOW LONG does it take to restore power, anyway?

I’m tired of being teased. I’m tired of having my hopes raised and then smashed into a thousand shards of sharp disappointment. The utility company has called, twice. The first time was several days ago. This gal asked if we had power, we told her no, and she very cheerfully said, “Okay. Well, you should have power by this afternoon. I’ll call back.”

We all got very excited. Yay! This torture is almost over! We can get back to normal! We’ve survived bitter cold temperatures and pitch-black rooms and cooking on our propane BBQ grill inside the house!

That was four or five days. Then last night, another gal called and asked if we had power, “Uh, no.” My husband said firmly. “We haven’t had power since the 12th at 10:15 p.m.”

She hem-hawed around for a bit and when my husband asked her if she had any idea when we WOULD get power, she gave us the standby answer, “We can’t really say but crews are close.”

Riiiiiiiiight. How many times have we heard that crock of crap? I’m beginning to think the utility company doesn’t know their head from their arse. Yes, I’m bitter. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with this camping in our own home deal. It’s time to move on and get back to normal, for cripes sake!!

Our trash hasn’t been picked up in two weeks. I called last week. I got a recorded message about how they were trying to keep out of the utility trucks way, yaddayaddayadda. Funny how the other trash companies made their regular rounds.

Okay, so we’ll put two weeks worth of trash at the curb. And two weeks worth of trash is STILL sitting out by the curb. Our trash guys were supposed to be here today. They weren’t. Why do I feel like we’ve been forgotten? I have to tell you, it’s really hard to stay positive right now. I’m sick to death of all of this incompetence. Yes, I KNOW it was the worst storm we’ve had in 20 years. Yes I KNOW 75,000 people lost their electricity. But why did we have to be the first to lose it and why the hell are we the last to get it back?

Yes, I’m cranky. It really irritates me when people don’t do their jobs, or don’t do them efficiently. I know those utility guys are out there working 15-hour days. But dang it, I can’t help but wonder if they are chasing their tails. Why else would the utility company call to see if we had power – twice?? Am I missing something here?

And what is up with people stealing generators? And robbing power-less houses? What is WRONG with people? We have a minor catastrophe and people go nuts. Perhaps this guy stole a generator to keep his family warm. Perhaps he couldn’t afford to buy a generator. I can kind of understand the need to do whatever it takes to protect your family, but what about the family you took the generator from??

I’m ranting. I know. I’m sorry. I’m frustrated, tired, and coming down with a cold. I just want things to get back to normal. We’re becoming “those poor people who still don’t have power.” We’ve become those people that other people shake their heads at and thank God aren’t in our situation.

I’m sick of being stuck out in the cold. Literally. I’m tired of trying to keep a positive attitude. I’m sick of trying to clamp down on my frustration and pretend everything is all right in front of the kids so they don’t freak out.

I’m tired of being strong.

I’m sick to death of being the worse case scenario!

Ed. note: The day after this entry posted, we finally got our power back. I was driving back into our driveway and prepared to get out of my car to manually open the garage door when I saw it – the light above the garage door was on. I remember both laughing and crying in relief. I was never so happy to see lights in my life.

We had been out of power for 11 1/2 days. A lot of people couldn’t hack it and moved into hotels during that time period until their power came back on. We opted to stay and protect our house because thieves were rampant during that time period. It was one of the strangest experiences of my entire life. I pray we never have another ice storm like that for many, many, MANY years.

I found a great video of the damage we sustained during that ice storm of ’07 on YouTube.

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