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The Money Hole

The end of the year is coming and it’s time to pay property taxes. Taxes in general sicken me, but property taxes? On items you already own and have paid off?

*Eff that*

Anyway, it makes me really cranky to have to fork over even more cash, especially this time of year when we’re spending so much on Christmas anyway (parents with little ones? Just wait until they become teenagers – that cute little wish list they give you now? Not so cute, and cheap, when they get older).

Merry Christmas to you too, Mr. Government. You suck.

And in pure Onion style, here is a video about how we’re just throwing our money away.

As usual, The Onion’s satirical humor is spot on.

ADDED: The husband just figured up how much the government has taken out of his checks this past year. This includes: federal, state, social security, medicare and sales tax (and anything else I’ve forgotten) …

Over half of his income was handed over to the government this past year.


That is beyond sick, folks.

When are we going to put our foot down on taxes? When we’re giving 75%? Eighty percent? All of it?

Wow, this makes me angry. I need a shot of happy, soothing Christmas music to calm me down.

Bonus Christmas Song Silver Bells by Martina McBride