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Stay Out of the Doghouse, Yo


*wipes tear*

Vodpod videos no longer available.


*blows nose*

All I can say is *takes a calming breath* my husband KNOWS and AVOIDS the doghouse, people. You can’t be with someone for 18 years and NOT know about the dreaded doghouse. 😀

And guys, if you still don’t get it? Do not buy your wife the following items (unless she’s cool with it. And you better ask, just to make sure):

1. Household items
2. Workout equipment
3. Gym memberships
4. Diet cookbooks (remember THAT one, honey??)

And anything else she can construe as being critical of her:

1. Body
2. Wifely duties
3. Career aspirations (including the privilege of staying home with the children)

Everything else? Open game.

Happy hunting! *evil grin*

Ladies, can you think of anything else your husband/boyfriend should NOT buy you?

3 thoughts on “Stay Out of the Doghouse, Yo”

  1. I’m home sick today – so I can see all your pics & videos – this is so funny – and I have that same thigh-master! (But I bought it myself.) Hey maybe a cheap 4 x 6 rug w/ rubber backing would work for your TJ on your new floors & carpet? You could roll it up & shove it behind or under the sofa when not jamming…. Sorry your feet hurt – maybe try buying your sneakers a half size up.

  2. HAHA! That’s right! Did you ever see that Simpson episode where Homer gives Marge a bowling ball for her birthday? If that wasn’t bad enough, Marge doesn’t even like to bowl, but to make it worse, the bowling ball had Homer’s name on it!

  3. Karen,

    I love that video! Mind if I steal it? I’m having CP show it to the guys at work at lunch so that they to can stay out of the doghouse perhaps!

    As for other doghouse worthy gifts…

    My birthday is just a mere 2 days after Christmas. A Merry Birthday- Happy Xmas gift doesn’t fly. I’ve gotten those all my life from everyone else. I don’t need them from my spouse or my kids. How hard is it to make my birthday special too?

    Also, if your guy gives a season of your favorite tv show, that’s nice. But giving another season of it or another show for your birthday, mother’s day or at Christmas next year is uncool. A serious lack of thought and originality there makes it doghouse worthy. So is buying you a gift that they themselves truly want. Such as a book they really want to read but know you won’t be as enthusiastic about.

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