Out Shopping

Taped yesterday.

Update: Right after taping this video, I was taking one last sip of my Gingersnap Latte and got a mouthful of chunks. (!!) I’m assuming they were ginger chunks? I hope it was ginger?! Have you ever encountered chunks in your Starbuck’s coffee?

Please say yes. 😀

Update 2: I’m done! Well, with my guys, anyway. I didn’t find what I was looking for in the store (that was a big, fat waste of time) so I went back online and found it. I finished clicking that “confirm purchase” button last night and now I have five packages, full of goodies, on their way to me. I don’t know why I even step foot in a store anymore – everything we want and/or need is online.

Awww, the sweet smell of completion.

Christmas song #3 Little Saint Nick by Beach Boys

2 thoughts on “Out Shopping”

  1. I told my husband about the chunks – so today, we went to lunch and then Starbucks and he got himself a Gingersnap Latte.

    And emailed me to tell me that he also had chunks! So I’m assuming this is a normal staple of the drink? At least it wasn’t just me.

    He also said they were quite tasty.


  2. Chunks in your coffee? Ew! The only chunks I ever encounter are ice chunks – the only thing I get at Starbucks is frappucinos.

    Oh, and once again, you made me glad that I live in Texas – no snow, ice, and salt-encrusted streets to worry about here!

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