Ask and Answer Game

We’re leaving to go camping as soon as the boys get out of school today so I won’t really have a chance to write anything important (as if I do anyway, but whatever).

So, let’s do something fun and trivial. I LIKE trivial!! 😀

Please play! It amuses me to read your questions/answers!

Let’s play an ask and answer game.

Here’s how it works:

The person before you has asked a question, please answer that question and then ask a question for the next person to answer. That’s it!

Please, keep it impersonal and ask fun questions.

Got it? Good. Now let’s play:

Question for the first person:

What’s a typical Friday evening for you?


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3 thoughts on “Ask and Answer Game”

  1. Open more wine, bake something, and secretly grade papers or answer emails late at night in my bedroom because my classes don’t stop happening just because I have house guests.

    What is your favorite “weird” food to eat? You know, something that might surprise people that knew you, or be out-of-the-ordinary to most?

  2. Typically Friday evenings are much like every other evening – except we can stay up later! hah we watch tv, rent a movie or play a card game after the kiddo goes to sleep.

    hmmm ok my question is: How do you take your coffee?

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