Upcoming Blog Topics – In My Own Handwriting

I saw this on one of the blogs in my Google Reader (which I’m ADDICTED to!!!! I wish Google would STOP recommending blogs because I’ve bookmarked nearly all of the suggestions! Aargh!). But I don’t remember which blog, so my apologizes if this originated at your blog and I haven’t attributed you (leave me a comment if you know where!).

I thought this would be a fun thing to post once in a while. It’s a sample of my handwriting (WARNING! Have an aspirin nearby because it’s truly horrendous!) of blog topic ideas.

The notepad it’s on was actually given to us by a traveling real estate person (isn’t it sad that our housing economy is so low that agents have to resort to door-to-door advertising?!), so it’s a bit “busy” and I hope you can read it. And for the handwriting experts out there, yes, I DO realize I write in upper case letters and I KNOW this is because I’m trying to disguise my “true” self from people. I know this, accept this and am okay with this. 😛

I won’t explain my thoughts about these topics, after all, I plan on writing full-fledged blog posts about these things, but this will give you a heads up on what to expect in the coming weeks:


What about you? Do you jot down blog topic ideas? If so, do you stick to your topics, or do you veer off into left-field and write about something totally different? If you don’t write down blog ideas, how do you write your posts? On the fly? In the spur of the moment?

Do tell! I’m curious to know!


Summer-Time Photo Contest – Final Results

Summer Time Photo Contest

The 2008 Summer-Time Photo Contest is officially over!!


CONGRATULATIONS GO TO … Kim of The Misplaced Midwesterner
(Kim, if you read this before I’ve had a chance to email you, contact me and let me know which retailer you would like your gift certificate to!!)

Kim wins a $25 gift certificate!!

Here are the final poll results:

Kim of The Misplaced Midwesterner 45 votes

Kim at Kim’s Photo Blog 34 votes

Karen at For the Love of Pete … 18 votes

Karen of Sillymonkeez 17 votes

Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin’ Time 16 votes

Alisha at Izzy ‘N Emmy 14 votes

Penelope of Sassy Mama’s Cafe at the End of the Universe 10 votes

Kristen at Kristen McLane 9 votes

Angela at Mommy Bytes 4 votes

Amanda M. at The Crazy Life of the Mills Family 4 votes

Terri of Mrs. Squidley’s Place 4 votes

Em Dy of Captured Beat 3 votes

Thea at I’m a Drama Mama 3 votes

Monkey of Where You At?! 3 votes

To see the complete list of participants and to view the poll in its entirety, please visit this post.

Thank you to everyone who played! Thank you to everyone who voted! As usual, it was a fun-filled contest full of excitement and I had a BLAST hosting it – I hope you had fun, and made some new friends out of the deal, too!

Mark your calendars for the next photo contest!

Next Photo Contest: October 4, 2008

Next Photo Contest
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Thank you again and let’s do this again in October!