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Another Book to Mooch


I just added another book to my Bookmooch inventory. So far, I’ve given 22 books away and have received 14 books from other moochers.

Cold Fire by Dean Koontz


Teacher Jim Ironheart, aptly named, is sent by forces unknown to save chosen people in life-threatening situations. By chance, a young but jaded reporter stumbles onto his missions, and joins him to investigate who is controlling him and why. Shared nightmares begin to point to an extraterrestrial influence, and the pair are forced to confront Ironheart’s forgotten past for answers.

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Next on my TBR list? The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen.

Friday Fun

Friday Craft: Backpack Buddies

Okay school … it’s all we can think about right now. Or at least, it’s all I can think about right now. GD is a SOPHOMORE in HIGH SCHOOL and MK is an EIGHTH grader this year.

That still seems so surreal to me.

Anyway, school – here we come.

My kids are too old for this stuff (unfortunately), but I thought it would be fun to pass on this information to all of you that have grade school/middle school kids that are still into this stuff.

Here are some cool backpack buddies for the kids to hang on their backpacks. I don’t know about you, but sometimes these little buddies can be quite comforting during the first weeks of school.

Here are three that I thought were especially fun. You can find more here, if you’re interested.

1. Mini-Fabric Backpacks
(Great for storing extra coins!)


You Need:
Backpack Pattern
9″ x 12″ Fabric Scrap
9″ x 12″ piece of Medium Weight Fusible Interfacing (Pelon)
Inkjet Printer
Fabric Glue
1/4″ Velcro Scrap
Beads, Craft Foam or Fabric Markers for Decorating

Fuse interfacing to back of fabric following manufacturer’s instructions. Trim to 8Β½” x 11. Print backpack pattern on fabric. Cut out on outer lines. You will have two pieces — the backpack and the straps. Cut the straps down the middle solid line so you will now have three pieces.

All of the remaining solid lines are fold lines. The dotted lines are decorations. Fold on each solid line with the fabric side out. Crease with iron. Use fabric glue to secure the folded straps so the interfacing doesn’t show.

On backpacks there are four flaps — two on the sides and two on the bottoms. Use fabric glue to secure the bottom flaps to the bottom of the back pack. Use fabric glue to secure the side flaps to the to the back of the backpack.

Glue the straps to the top back of the backpack forming a loop with each strap. You will probably want to trim the straps to make them shorter before gluing.

Attach a piece of Velcro under the flap to hold it closed.

Decorate with beads, craft foam or fabric markers.

2. Yarn-Looking, Er, Creature


I just love this little guy. Can you imagine your son/daughter lovingly stroking this little creature while waiting for the bus or someone to pick him/her up? I’m sure it would be comforting. πŸ™‚

You Need:
Neon Wireless Chenille
Plastic Clips
Wiggle Eyes — 10mm
Low Temp Glue Gun, or Tacky Glue

Cut a 6 two yard pieces of wireless chenille. Thread all six pieces to the middle through the ring on a plastic clip. Gather all strands together and split into 3 bunches. Braid. Cut a small piece of wireless chenille to tie off, double knotting tightly around the bottom of the braid. Trim ends. Glue on wiggle eyes.

3. Backpack Address Book


Okay, HELLO?! What little, sociable person wouldn’t want a little address book to keep track of his/her friends?? How cute!

You need:
Mini Address Book
Plastic Clip
2 Feet Black Rat-tail Satin Cord
6 Pony Beads
Contact Paper
Two 15mm Wiggle Eyes
Low Temp Glue Gun
2″ Piece of Feather Boa

Tie satin cord to plastic clip at middle. Use hot glue gun to attach both pieces of the satin cord along the spine of the address book. Leave about 1/2″ of cord between the clip and the address book.

Cover book with contact paper. Trim close to edge of book. Glue on wiggle eyes and piece of boa.

Add beads to each end of satin cord. Tie with knot. Trim close.

Have fun! If you do any of these crafts, post a picture and let me know!

I’m off to get some work done – have a GREAT Friday!


From the Past: My Beautiful Mom

My Mom, Circa 1967

My mom, circa 1967. Isn’t she gorgeous?? She would have been about 21 here.

And that cute little baby outfit hanging up on the clothesline? Yeah, that would be mine.

The bra and granny panties? Totally my mom’s. πŸ˜€

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