Revealing 25 Things About Me

I keep assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that everyone who reads this blog knows a little something about me. But since I’ve moved my blog (it used to be self-hosted until I simply couldn’t handle the crap my host was giving me and decided to move over here. Only WordPress wouldn’t cooperate and my posts wouldn’t transfer, so … here we are, at the beginning once again), I’m beginning to think people DON’T know me very well at all.

I aim to correct that by transferring past posts, from my older blogs, bit-by-bit to not only share a little bit of my past with you, but to have a record of these posts here, on my new (and hopefully LAST) blog.

The 100 Things About Me … thing … that everyone seems to be doing nowadays is something I’ve put off doing for a long time, not because I have anything to hide, per se, but because I’m simply not that interesting. But heck, I’ve been blogging since January 2005, perhaps it’s time to lay my cards on the table …

I also have another page if you can stomach any more About Me. Proceed with caution. 😀

1. I was born in November, 1965.
2. Which makes me a Scorpio.
3. And trust me, I sting people.
4. But I don’t believe in astrology.
5. I’ve been in several accidents.
6. Most of them my fault.
7. I sewed a needle into my finger in middle school.
8. I stepped on a can lid and sliced my heel open.
9. I’ve shattered a glass and gouged my finger while washing it.
10. I fell off a ladder.
11. And bruised my kidneys.
12. I had to have seven enemas so they could inject dye into my kidneys and check for internal damage.
13. There was none, thank God.
14. I fell out of my car.
15. While driving it.
16. My sunglasses shattered on my face.
17. I broke my nose.
18. I had two black eyes.
19. And a huge gash in my forehead that took 25 stitches to close.
20. I have a scar, but it’s barely noticeable, thanks to the amazing emergency room doctor who sewed me back up.
21. I lived with three other girls.
22. Our apartment was party central. (Think Sex in the City sort of girls)
23. I’ve had a few one-night stands.
24. I’ve smoked pot.
25. I used to own a bong.

Shocked? Sorry. But my past is part of who I am today so … please accept me, warts and all.

Twenty-five more things about me coming soon.