Readers, You’re Awesome

Offering a Flower

I would like to take a moment out of this blogging schedule to thank each and every one of you who (routinely or otherwise) visit my blog. I’ve noticed an increase in readers and that thrills, awes and terrifies me.

Thrills: Because I hope this means you’re interested in what I have to say about my life and various other issues that are important to me.

Awes: Because it still amazes me that anyone would want to read what I write to begin with.


Terrifies: Because I sincerely hope I don’t disappoint you.

I post a variety of things not only because I hope it attracts a variety of readers, but because I have a tendency to have a variety of interests. I try to keep my blog clean, positive and uplifting, but I am human and I have bad days. There will be times I let a curse word slip out now and again, or I’m snarky in some way or I’m just feeling depressed, or I’m making sexual innuendos not to shock you, but because that’s how I occasionally roll; I can’t apologize for that because I’m human.

I post links and videos to religious material not to shove my beliefs down your throat or to throw the fact that I’m a Christian in your face, but to show you that I am not ashamed in what I believe or in the ministry we closely follow; feel free to skip those posts, ignore them or devour them – the information is there if you need it. Even though I’m not the best Christian, I’m quite secure in my faith and the teachings from the Truth and Tradition website have blessed me and my family for years – my hope is that by sharing this information with you, you will be blessed, too. I don’t always agree, 100% with what the ministry says, but it’s safe to assume that I agree 98% of the time. They are logical in their approach to God’s word and for once in my life, I feel like I have a “handle” on what God expects from me. It’s a very peaceful realization.

I post bits of my fiction because it keeps me writing. I hope to one day work up the courage to actually submit something and “publishing” on my small blog is my way of building that courage.

I am an avid reader, so you will find lots of references to things I’ve read or books in general.

I love photography, but don’t have the patience required to really get good at it. However, this doesn’t stop me from posting my own amateurish attempts.

I love to laugh and joke around and I’m quite sarcastic and cynical about many issues. I’m also very head-strong, stubborn and opinionated, though I will try my best to remain fair to all views. I love comments, but I do not live for comments. If readers care to share a bit about their thoughts/lives with me and the rest of the Internet, then by all means, you’re VERY welcome to do so. But I will not beg and I do not get depressed if no one comments – I can tell by my stats that SOMEONE is reading and that is good enough for me.

But most of all, I post about my family. I want to document the good times, and the bad times. I want to look back on this journal and remember what it was like to endure live with teenage boys. I want to look back and remember how young and silly we were, once upon a moon. I want to look back and savor every moment of my flawed, but happy life.

Because this is me – in all my imperfect glory.

I realize there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of blogs out there, many, many more interesting then mine. So I truly appreciate your time and feedback (if you choose to leave it). I’m quite humbled by your interest and I hope we can be life-long friends. 🙂

Thank you and God bless.

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  1. I just want to say that I love your blog. I have been reading it for awhile and it is one of my favs. Your posts continually make me smile. Thanks!

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