Sunday Shot

Another Hobby I’ve always had a “thing” for photography. And by thing, I mean a passing interest. I’ve always been interested in photography in general, but have been too lazy intimidated to learn much more than where to aim and what button to press.

It hasn’t been until just recently, when I discovered The Pioneer Woman’s blog (and I’m sure I’m probably the last to do so – but really, that shouldn’t surprise anyone, I’m so clueless) that I REALLY started taking an interest in photography again. Ree has posted some really awesome photography tutorials that I’ve been reading over and that makes me want to try my hand at taking “artsy-fartsy” pictures once again.

In addition to Ree’s wonderful photograhy, I discovered the Shutter Sisters blog and their Flickr group, which I’ve joined but haven’t had the guts to submit any of my own photography … yet.

But to motivate me to train my brain to look for the beauty in less obvious places and to actually take pictures of this inconspicious beauty, I’d like to showcase some of the best pictures I think we (as in me and my husband) have taken over the years. Photography is one thing that brought us together and we’ve often talked about taking a photography course together – just for grins. Who knows, maybe we’ll actually do it sometime.

This first one is not anything spectacular – I was experimenting. I used a Canon Powershot and was experimenting with the focus. I was thrilled that it actually turned out becuase it was blurry in my viewfinder – or maybe it was just my vision, I wouldn’t be surprised.


This is the shed my husband built. It’s in our backyard. He built it because our garage was getting too full to house all of his toys equipment. This was taken through the glass of our back door. Again, nothing great, but I thought it turned out pretty good for my first try at something like this.

Have you run across any cool photos lately? Please share the links with us!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Shot”

  1. I have a Canon Power Shot too. I love taking photos and shooting video for online use. I got my camera earlier this year and have been having lots of fun.

  2. I too have been going over the tutorials on the Pioneer Woman’s blog! I love her whole site!!

    I’ll have to see what I can find and post later.

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