A New Addiction

I have found a new addiction. It’s going to be expensive and time-consuming, but I’m afraid I just can’t help myself. I can feel myself being sucked into the sheer habit of it and I’m powerless to stop it.

I don’t want to stop it.

My new addiction?

Reading “Unofficial Guides” to fun new places.

Okay fine, just one unofficial guide for now, but I can see many more trips to the bookstore for these babies! I can just feel the heat from my pocketbook searing a hole in my purse right this very minute.

The hubs and I went to Barnes & Noble last night. Actually, it was his idea. In fact, he has a bad habit of just suggesting off-the-wall spontaneous things all the time. “Let’s go play tennis … Want to have a nightcap at that new sport’s bar? … Let’s fly to Vegas … Let’s go for a ride on my motorcycle …” and on and on.

Most of the time, I just laugh him off. He’s rarely ever serious, he just suggests those things because he’s been programmed to think that if every single waking moment of his life isn’t filled with something to do, or if he’s not being productive, then he’s not making the most of his time and to him, that’s one of life’s most deadliest sins.

RELAX DUDE! Enjoy the fruits of your hard work. The man doesn’t know HOW to relax – it drives me batty …

Where was I …

Oh yes, my new addiction.

After dinner, the hubs and I started talking about our upcoming trip to Washington D.C. What were we going to do? What sites did we absolutely have to see? So of course, we sat down to research places online when he suggested, “Why don’t we just go check out the guides at B&N?”

My spine immediately stiffened. My eyes lit up. My breathing became erratic. Make a run to the bookstore?!

Are you insane?

I grabbed my purse and panted like an eager dog for a long overdue walk.

I think my husband had time to get in a blink or two before I zipped out to the car and impatiently waited for him to catch up with me.

I’m quite sure that will be the last time he suggests an impromptu trip to the bookstore. *big grin*

I had to force myself to slow down once we got there and wait for my aging (HA! Kidding honey!) husband to catch up with me. When I’m anywhere NEAR a bookstore, my pulse quickens and I find myself having to consciously slow my speed-walking stride down to a more normal pace. My husband laughs at me when I get like this. “Are we in a hurry?” he asks.

At which time I laughingly shrug him off and say, “Well duh! Of course! There are BOOKS to buy.”

Silly man.

Where was I …

Sorry. I’m getting sidetracked just THINKING about making a trip to the bookstore. That’s how pathetic I am when it comes to books. Oh heck, who am I kidding, I’m just pathetic, period.

So, we’re at the bookstore … *Homer Simpson voice – Mmmmm, bookstore* and we head to the travel section.

I must admit, the travel section is not usually where I hang out when I go to the bookstore. We don’t travel much. In fact, it’s safe to say, we DON’T travel. We’re homebodies and are quite satisfied to BE homebodies. So the one time a year we DO go anywhere, my usually organized, controlled mind takes a vacation because I’m out of my element. I’m not a seasoned traveler and yet, I want everything to go smoothly and of course, I want to make sure we get our money’s worth and aren’t blowing money on unnecessary things …

It’s a nightmare for someone like me – having no idea what to do or how to control the situation. So I like to arm myself with all sorts of information whenever we go anywhere … just in case we find ourselves in a horrific travel-induced situation we have a backup plan, you know? Of course, then we DO have a terrific story to tell afterwards. Like that time we got stuck in Dallas …

ARGH! I’m getting sidetracked again. I’m having trouble staying on target today. I have so much on my mind right now I’m having trouble compartmentalizing it. (Whew, that was a long word to type).

SO, WE’RE IN THE TRAVEL SECTION AT BARNES AND NOBLE. And we’re looking at the half million travel guides to Washington D.C. Now we have a fresh problem, which one do we want to shell out $20 bucks for? They all look the same. I pick out the “Unofficial Guide to Washington D.C.”

handbook and start flipping through it. I’m liking the tips I’ve seen thus far when my husband holds up a book, his face animated and eager and says, “Let’s get this one. It has pictures!”


I swear, men are such children sometimes. So, in my consoling mom voice I say, “That’s great honey. But does it have any useful information in it?”

He shrugs and like a dejected puppy who has been denied his favorite chew toy, he reluctantly puts it back on the shelf. He nods to the book I’m holding, “I’ve heard the Unofficial Guides are pretty good.”

And I have to admit, I like the tone of the book. It’s informative, but not stuffy and I really dig the little tips sprinkled throughout the book.

We buy it. And I’LL be the one to read it because you see, there are too many words for my husband. He requires … visual aids when he reads. *cough*

I devoured half the book last night. And I would have finished it if I my family hadn’t physically pried my butt from my chair and forced me to go to bed.

It was fascinating. I learned so many things about Washington D.C. that information is oozing from my ears and dribbling down my neck. For instance, here are some fun facts:

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