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Weekend Snapshot – Blowing Bubbles

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I’m a day late posting this because I’m an idiot and didn’t have my camera with me so I had to use my mom’s camera (WHICH by the way, ROCKS. Twelve mega pixels?! And the size and thickness of a credit card?? I want her camera!) and she didn’t have a chance to post the pictures we took with her camera to her Flickr account until today (my mom works insane hours).

Still with me? Great!

My folks had a BBQ at their house over the weekend so we could meet my sister’s new boyfriend (which by the way, is very nice and I’m not just saying that sis!).

The day started out wet. In fact, the entire weekend ping-ponged back and forth between sunny, cloudy, wet, windy, cold and then back to sunny. (That’s one thing about Missouri, our weather is never boring).

I was a bit worried that my mom would have to move the BBQ inside and what a bummer for her because a BBQ just isn’t the same without swatting a few flies or dropping a few cheetos to watch the ants devour.

But by late afternoon, the weather cleared up once again and though the ground was a bit wet, the temperature was quite pleasant and we had a good time sitting around and chatting.

But in the meantime, the boys, my two boys and my sister’s two boys, all teenagers, needed something to combat their boredom.

Enter super grandma and her wonderful ideas. She disappeared inside the house for a few seconds and before any of the boys could think up excuses to go inside and bury their noses in their video games, she reappeared carrying several bottles of bubble solution.

The boys blinked, looked at each other and fought the urge to snicker. For you see, if anyone BUT grandma had brought those bubbles out, they would have been met with complaints about them being too old for bubbles and then their eyes would roll so far back into their heads they could see their pubescent butts.

However, to humor grandma (because they are all sweet boys and wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly), they opened the bottles and proceeded to have fun.

Oh yes, you read that correctly. The boys really enjoyed playing with those bubbles. And being boys, they pooled their resources to see just how big they could make their bubbles.

And when they had enough bubbles to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa, they worked together to keep the tower from falling over.

And when that got old, GD used the scary looking wand and started blowing bubbles, which my oldest nephew swatted with a HUGE rubber frisbee.

Even grandma got in on the act.

It was hard not to get caught up in all the laughter and general silliness. It was as if time had simply melted away and we were watching the boys be boys again, instead of the awkward, embarrassed, shy, strange beings they are today.

I begged to play. They said no. I threatened bodily harm if they didn’t allow me just one turn at the silly wand to blow a few bubbles. They shooed me away.

As you can see, I did not pout; I can take rejection.


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