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Christians Rejoice, There is a Life-Size Noah’s Ark

Have you guys heard about the life-size Noah’s Ark??

If not, watch this:


I LOVE that there is potential for more Christian-based structures/museums/educational opportunities in their future.  I just pray it happens.

And honestly, fellow Christians out there, we need to pray for this to not only happen, but to stay open. Because if you take the time to read some of the Facebook comments, or watch videos about this project either for/against it, they will make you both sad and alarm you.

The sheer hatred for this project is astounding, though not surprising, I suppose. Would the backlash be as severe if this was a Muslim-type structure? Why is Christianity such a BAD thing to so many people?

Because the Bible said this was going to happen. Are you really surprised? Christians and Christianity will only continue to grow more and more unpopular – this is exactly what happened in Noah’s day and age. And this is exactly WHY God flooded the Earth – to get rid of the evil and start over again. Only, we won’t start over with a flood, it will be Jesus Christ coming back to save us from ourselves.

In the meantime, there will be hatred. There will be insanely opinionated people who will try their best to make you feel stupid for believing in God, who will attempt to spout all sorts of nonsense about alternative beliefs and how they are so much smarter and believable than Christianity.

To which I say? YOU’RE WASTING YOUR BREATH. Go spew your ugly, hate-filled vile words to someone who cares what you think, because I don’t. You don’t like this Ark Encounter project? DON’T GO. You want to build a monument, or some historical project museum to your spaghetti monster or god(s), be my guest. It’s still a free country (somewhat). Will I like it? No. Will I care? No. You want to bow down to false idols and kiss Satan’s ass, I guess that’s your prerogative.

And how SAD would your life be if you DIDN’T believe in a higher power or have some hope to look forward to? I can’t even imagine how lost some people feel without Jesus Christ in their hearts.

But personally, I’m REJOICING in the fact that fellow Christians had the guts to build something like this and you bet your sweet tea we will go at some point. I’m tempted to wait until they build the Temple of Babylon and the other structures mentioned in the above video, but then again, I’m afraid that if I wait too long, something will fall through and they will be forced to close Noah’s Ark. I think it would be a fun road trip though – it’s eight hours East of where we live – doable but it will definitely take some planning.

Here are some interesting facts about the structure and hypotheses on how it might have logistically worked out.

I also found it highly interesting that the creator of the Ark Encounter, Ken Ham, invited Bill Nye “the Science Guy” in for a tour and together, with their own film crews, toured the Ark and had “lively” discussions/debates with lots of “regular” folks along for the ride. I bet that was interesting as all get out. Because if you’re truly looking for the truth, then you NEED to hear all sides of an issue before coming to a foregone/logical conclusion. And maybe Mr. Ham didn’t do a good enough job of convincing some folks there about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or then again, maybe he was able to save some lost souls, who knows, but I love the fact that two sides of an issue came together, spoke their piece and there was no violence, just mutual respect for the other person’s beliefs.

I wish that would happen more often in our country, but it’s all about shutting each other up – it’s all about “free speech” and “free thinking” even though if you don’t believe the same as the people who spout this nonsense then they work very hard to belittle you and sometimes, use physical violence to bully you and silence you and your beliefs.

Yeah. That’s what “free speech” and “free thinking” is all about. It’s free as long as you think like they do, otherwise, SHUT UP, PEASANT. *snort*

There’s also a Creation Museum about 45 minutes from the Ark Encounter. If/when we go, I would like to visit that museum, too.

I LOVE that this type of stuff exists in our country, especially nowadays when Christianity has been whipped so many times in the past decade. It gives me hope that maybe it’s not as bad as the lop-sided media portrays it and that there are still believers out there not afraid to stand up and be Soldiers for Christ.

May God bless everyone, both believers and non-believers, and if you’re not a Christian, I challenge you to visit these places, find out what Christianity is about then make up your own mind – don’t listen to the naysayers and the lop-sided media, God created your mind and granted you the gift of free will, exercise those gifts and decide for yourself.

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Weekend Snapshot(s) – Flooded

Share your weekend snapshot.

When it rains, it pours …

And how true that was for us this past Friday.

We had a low develop right over Springfield so that we had a line of storms continously pass over us for nearly 24 straight hours. Just when the storms looked like they were going to dissipate, they gathered strength and reformed and it continued to pummel us all day. As a result? Our city flooded, including us.

I had to battle the storms to pick up my nephews. I had promised them they could come over and spend the night, come rain and high water.

I had no idea the heavens would take me quite so literally.

The boys and I set out around 10:30. We had to go all the way to Willard, which is about a thirty minute drive from our house. I drove almost the entire way with my windshield wipers at full blast and still couldn’t see that well.

The rain let up a bit as we drew closer to their house, but we saw a wicked streak of lightening directly in front of us and it was within a mile – a bit too close for comfort.

The thunder rocked my car.

As we drove into the driveway and I got out to help my nephews put their stuff in my car, another bout of lightening zapped so close to me, I heard the sizzle/crackle as it made contact. Split seconds later, I remember thinking, “Shit. I’m standing under a tree with an umbrella. I’m a human lightning rod.”

The thunder was so loud I couldn’t hear for thirty minutes afterward. And my heart was pumping so hard I felt light-headed. It was that scary.

We all made it back to our house safely, but the rain continued to fall in heavy sheets. I began to get nervous when I noticed standing water, about six inches deep, all around our house. Even though my husband had had the foresight to dig out vent wells, I was afraid there was so much water it would go over those vent wells.

It did.

When the worst of the storm finally moved past us, I went outside to take some pictures. I was SHOCKED to see the amount of water gushing down our streets.

This was our neighbor’s driveway.

Neighbor's driveway

It’s a good thing they didn’t try to come home during this time period or they might have been swept from their own driveway.

The water traveled around the corner and entered a huge pipe. The pipe goes under our street and exits in this large drainage system.

Water Drainage 1

This drainage system is about four feet deep. As you can see, we got VERY CLOSE to flooding our ditch, which would have been BAD NEWS for the houses lining that ditch. In fact, you can tell it was already starting to saturate another one of our neighbor’s yard.

Water Drainage 2

I actually took a video of this and will post that tomorrow. While filming, another streak of lightening zipped right over me and you can hear the deafening clap of thunder on the tape. I nearly had a heart attack and high-tailed it back to my house shortly after that.

It began raining pretty hard as soon as I reached my house. After discarding damp shoes and making sure the cameras were still dry, I walked to our bedroom to look out of our window to see how much rain we had gotten up to that point:

5 Inches of Rain

In case you can’t read that? It was FIVE INCHES. Of rain. In less than 12 hours.

I thought we had broken a record, but after talking to my parents yesterday, they told me that back in 1999 we had gotten EIGHT INCHES of rain. Their backyard and storage shed flooded and they had just moved to town and a lot of their belongings had gotten soaked. We must not have gotten as much rain over here or I would have remembered it but I can guarantee I’ll remember June 13, 2008 when we received five inches of rain and had to put fans in our crawl space to dry it out.

Getting this much rain this fast is pretty unusual for this area. I was pretty stressed about water making it under our house (and washing away the new driveway we just had REPAVED the day before – luckily, it held up pretty well and we’ve packed some dirt around it to try and prevent any more water getting underneath it), but any damage we sustained was NOTHING compared to some areas of our city.

You can see photos here, if you wish.