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A New Book to Mooch


I just added another book to my Bookmooch collection:

7 Days and 7 Night by Wendy Wax


I also wrote a review on this book at:

Dear Reader

Book blurb:
Book blurb:


HE SAYS…he’ll have his way with her inside a week.

Radio personality Matt Ransom of Atlanta’s raucous, testosterone-fueled Guy Talk, is counting on a sure thing when he agrees to be locked up in a tiny apartment for seven days with the competition: the earnest Dr. Olivia Moore. It’s an on-camera publicity stunt and Matt’s determined to come out on top. What he doesn’t count on is how hard it will be to hide from himself–and the rest of the world–how the beautiful doctor still stimulates him: body, mind, and soul.

SHE SAYS…she’ll never make the same mistake twice.

Though their long-ago affair is a secret, Olivia feels as if her broken heart is on display whenever she crosses paths with her infuriatingly cocky–and undeniably charismatic–nemesis. Now, she’s stuck in the reality show from hell…or is it heaven? Livvy’s learned a lot about relationships since Matt. All she has to do is keep a level head even while every other part of her is spinning dizzily out of control…

If you would like to join Bookmooch (or if you’re already a member, look me up!) and mooch books off of me, you can find my inventory and my account information here. My Bookmooch ID is: take2max – in case the link doesn’t work and you want to find me. 🙂

Sorry, I’m only shipping to the U.S at this time. International shipping just isn’t in the budget right now. 😦

I’ve got some bookmooch points burning a hole in my pocket. Any bookmoochers out there that want to get rid of some of their books? If so, leave me a link to your inventory in the comment section and I’ll take a look!

Saturday Photo Hunt

Saturday Photo Hunt – Emotion

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This week’s theme: Emotion

This is GD, my oldest son, when he was in the second or third grade. When the kids were in elementary school, and around their birthday, the teacher would ask each student in the class to write what they liked about the birthday child and then the teacher would put all of the pages (complete with illustrations) into the book and present it to the child around his/her birthday. GD is looking at his book and is cracking up over something one of his peers wrote about him. I love his expression, just pure joy and delight.

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