TueSLAY – September 15th

I AM …

I am from hardy stock.
I am from hard-working, honest parents.
I am from humble beginnings.
I am from a loving environment.
I am from a varied work environment.
I am from the Ozarks.

I am still in the Ozarks.
I am strong.
I am stubborn.
I am cynical.
I am healed.
I am renewed.
I am loud in sneaky ways.
I am a strict mother.
I am a devoted mother.
I am a daughter, sister, and aunt.
I am a faithful wife.

I am a computer nerd.
I am a reading fanatic.
I am an Introvert.
I am happiest when quiet.
I am blazers and turtlenecks.
I am hiking boots and clunky heels.
I am books, coffee, and comfy sweats.

I am a fiction writer.
I am an aspiring writer.
I am a writer who never finishes her thou…
I am a healthcare worker.
I am a multi-tasking aficionado.
I am a devoted Christian.
I am not your typical Christian.


Time to go SLAY the rest of the week!