TueSLAY – September 22nd

Listened to an excerpt on the Glenn Beck radio show (I know – I rarely listen to Glenn because he’s just so DRAMATIC) and he had a gym owner from San Francisco on his radio show. She was expressing her outrage over the fact that San Francisco is STILL shut down, save for government jobs and out door restaurants. She said her gym had been closed down for SIX MONTHS and how she owed her landlord tens of thousands of dollars in rent. It’s California ya’ll – everything in California is expensive. I can’t imagine trying to run a business. Her voice was wobbly, she could barely get her words out with tossing around a curse word here and there. She was upset. She talked about finding out state-funded gyms were not only open, but had been open since JULY. She talked about how she spent the money to make her gym extend outside just so she would be allowed to have some money coming in. She hated having to do that given that San Franciscoians have to step shit in the streets and how the air quality if poor from so much smog. But she didn’t have a choice – either do that or shut down completely. She found out the state-funded gyms were open from a police officer friend of hers. She approached him one day and asked him where he was working out. And that’s when she found out. She was furious! She went to a lawyer friend of hers to see if she had any legal recourse. She then admitted, and to me, this was the most telling part of the interview, that she hadn’t really paid attention to politics up to that point, but she would from now on. Now, San Francisco just announced that hair salons and gyms would be allowed to re-open on Monday. I”m sure some of this stemmed from Nancy Pelosi forcing a hair salon to open up so she could get her hair done. Screw the rest of you little people.

People. WE HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHO IS GETTING VOTED INTO OFFICE. These people are counting on you NOT to pay attention so they can do whatever they please and we, as sheeple, just bleat and meekly go along to get along. This. Has. Got. To. Stop.

Have any of you listened/watched Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s, press secretary, speak? SHE’S FIERCE. I have a girl crush. She is absolutely killing the press conferences. It’s so obvious that the reporters are trying their hardest to get her to slip up, or to push an agenda, or try and make Trump look bad, that I almost feel sorry for them when Kayleigh comes back with scathing comebacks. She is always prepared. She always carries a notebook full of things she’s predicting the media will ask her, and when she starts flipping through her notebook and prepares her comeback, it’s one of the most satisfying things I’ve seen in a very long time. And it’s so blatantly obvious the media has no interest in telling the truth, in getting the truth, or publishing the truth. They are so fixated on making the “Orange” man look bad that they don’t even ask the important questions. Like, why the Democrat governors and mayors refuse, REFUSE, to ask for help to run out the domestic terrorists, aka Black Lives Matters, out of their cities. Did you know that the riots in Portland have been going on for OVER 100 days? I feel sorry for the regular people in Portland who just want to go about their lives but can’t because their government is more concerned about their hatred for Donald Trump than they are for the safety of their constituents. Wow.

By the way, the man in the above video, Brandon Tatum, is a conservative YouTuber who I’ve been a bit obsessed with lately. It’s SO REFRESHING to see African Americans finally speaking out against the abuse against them from the Democrats. Black Americans have been hoodwinked for decades and it’s time to wake up and follow a team who will actually help them. Anyway, Brandon started “The Tatum Report” largely in response to the fact that The Drudge Report has started leaning to the left and no longer links to articles about the TRUTH. If you’re interested in reading stories about what REALLY happened, stories that you won’t hear/see/read on main stream media, this is the website for you.

I woke up to this today:

Not bad after 30 years of marriage!

I put one scoop, ONE SCOOP, of caffeinated coffee in my coffee maker the other day, along with two scoops of de-caffeinated coffee, and I had heart palpitations for most of the night. COME ON, NOW! It annoys me to no end that my heart can’t handle caffeine anymore. I really miss the days of drinking energy drinks and then a thermos full of coffee – I got so much done! I was so focused!

But let’s be honest, that’s probably the biggest reason why I have heart palpitations now – because I used to drink energy drinks and a thermos full of coffee every day.


I’m still fasting. I fast every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I stop eating at 6:00 the night before and then I will eat a small dinner at 6:00 the next night. I try and avoid breads as much as I can and stick to more protein. I’ve also been drinking V8 juice, which isn’t my favorite but it does make me feel better. In fact, I convinced Brandon to start doing the same. I worry about his health as he hates fruits and vegetables. But he says he’s been drinking V8 juice and eating Welch’s fruit gummies, which isn’t ideal, but better than nothing, I suppose. Have I lost weight? Well, my clothes are definitely looser and I’ve lost about twenty pounds, but I seem to have hit a wall. I could amp my fasting up a bit but honestly, I don’t want to. My goal was to always get to a stage where I feel comfortable in my skin and I do. I have been using the treadmill more but I have to be careful with how much I do that because it makes my hunger pangs FIERCE, so I tend to space my walking sessions out a bit more. When I do walk, I carry hand weights, too, so that I can build a little muscle. I worry about osteoporosis because I work with a doctor that addresses that, has models to show patients and it when you have osteoporosis, your bones literally look like swiss cheese. No thank you. I have no idea when I will stop fasting. It’s become a fact of life now and I’m used to it. It has definitely re-wired my brain when it comes to eating when I’m hungry or eating when I’m bored. Most of the time, I’m truly not hungry so I don’t eat. Even on feeding days. Though I COULD eat, if I’m not hungry for breakfast, then I don’t eat breakfast. Now, that’s not to say that there are days I’m so ravenous I would push a 90-year old lady over to get to some food, but those days don’t happen very often. (And for the record, I wouldn’t actually push a 90-year old lady over, though I would be tempted. ha!)

Baby is no longer in the corner. Kevin and I realized the other day that we have a bedroom that we never use. Blake’s old bedroom. So I talked him into painting it a pretty mint green, hung some white curtains up, ordered a corner desk and chair, and shelf from Amazon and I now have a new office!!

The white curtains were free (thank you Tiffany!) and I’m thinking of taking them to get them altered so the length comes to just under the window and not onto the floor. The boxes on the shelves are my bullet journal supplies. I used to have them in the Merry Christmas box on the top shelf but I quickly outgrew it. The white box on the shelf has my eyeglass cleaner and is a space for other stuff is that currently cluttering up my desk. But I LOVE having my own space and I’m hoping it will motivate me to actually start writing. (*snort* How many times have you heard THAT one??)

That’s all for now. Time to go SLAY the rest of the week!