The Silence is Deafening

I have a new night time routine – I listen to rain or beach waves while falling asleep. I’ve also been listening to various YouTube ambiance videos while writing or working at my new desk. It relaxes me. It helps me focus.

But I’ve always been an advocate for silence. Silence is under-rated and rare. When is the last time you stopped and listened to … nothing? Even if the TV is off. No videos are playing on your computer. The room you’re sitting in is quiet … it’s not really silent, is it? For example, I’m by myself, at my desk and I hear the ceiling fan, my typing and the occasional car drive by outside. Even though it’s quiet, I”m comfortable. Because there is SOME sound around me. When you stop, shut off the ceiling fan, stop typing, close your eyes and listen … the silence is almost uncomfortable, because it’s so unusual… unnatural?

I’ve never heard my blood rushing through my veins but when you close your eyes, put in ear plugs and hear nothing but your heartbeat … it’s almost humbling.

I’ve always said our world is way too noisy. I crave silence. I crave quiet. I get overstimulated when there is too much sound, too many things going on at once. Yes. I’m an awesome multi-tasker, but only for a time period. Too much stimulation for long periods of time EXHAUST me. I mean, bone-weary, can’t keep my eyes open, exhaust me. It’s like my body shuts down.

This Ted Talk about silence and what it can teach you about sound is really interesting. I think we all need to learn to be more comfortable with silence. Shut it down, world, we need to recharge.