Can We Talk?

September 10th Thursday Thought

Today’s question is …

In what ways would you like to change the world?

Opinions. I’d like to teach people to listen with an open mind, to weigh all of the options, from both opposing fences, and then to come to a fair, logical and informed decision.

Too many times, people are only getting one side of the story. Whether that’s from media, from friends, from family … how many times have you listened to a friend complain about a spouse, or something that happened at work, or a time when they got into trouble and you based your opinion on what that friend told you? You reared your righteous indignation on behalf of your friend and automatically rallied for your friend’s predicament or side?

Only to find out later, that there were TWO sides to the story and lo and behold, your friend wasn’t as “innocent” as he/she led you to believe?

Or you listen/watch a news story and you get worked up over THE INJUSTICE of it all, only to find out later that OOPS, that news outlet didn’t exactly give you all of the details and maybe, just maybe, it’s not as cut and dried as they (the news outlets) wanted you to believe.

Nothing – NOTHING- irritates me more than to not be given all the facts.

Another example: teaching evolution in schools. Okay. Fine. Teach evolution, but also teach creationism. Then leave it up to the individual to make his/her own informed decision. It’s insulting to only give one side of the story and then to expect people to just blindly agree with that side.

Facts are pesky little things, but they’re also necessary little things.

So, moral of this post? Get ALL the facts, THEN make up your mind.

Your turn …