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Savoring Every Moment …

Though I want to blog, I need to blog, I simply don’t have the energy, or the time to blog much these days.

Especially now.

Especially now since we’re in THE LAST SEASON OF MARCHING BAND. This is it. The last year. I’m on a mission to enjoy every last exciting, exhilarating, entertaining moment. And if that means I have to put my blog on hold for a bit, so be it.

I’m working full time. Kevin and I went out of town last weekend and will be going out of town every weekend for the next month. It’s exhausting, but OMG, SO MUCH FUN.

Pictures. Stories. Thoughts. I have them … I just don’t have time to post them or write them down.

But I will.

And I hope you’ll stick around and experience all of this with me.

But not now. Now I must go to work and frantically try to get to a place where I’m semi caught up so I’m not leaving a bunch of unfinished business for the other girls to deal with while I’m gone.

Just know … I’m here and I’m living the hell out of life right now.