Reason #356 Why I Love My Husband

He helps perfect strangers whenever their car breaks down near our house:


After I posted my last blog entry I started to panic. Life is passing me by! And I haven’t been blogging about it! Life is too short not to document it!

So. I’m going to try and post a day-by-day post-entry paragraph every day this week. Just a little something-something to tell you about my day. It’s the little things that are worth remembering and now that I’ve been working for one year (my anniversary is the 19th!!), I feel like I’ve done a pretty poor job of documenting my life this past year because my job has sucked so much mental energy out of me.

Life is about so much more than working, am I right??

I’m giving my secret pal, (did you know I’ve been playing a secret pal game at work since March?? SO MUCH FUN), this dachshund coin purse tomorrow:

*squee* Cute, right??? You can find more cute dachshund stuff at their Etsy store. I’m also giving her a $5 gift card to a pet store – she has two dachshunds and LOVES her doggies.

I LIVE for this stuff. I LOVE shopping around and trying to find cute (relatively cheap) stuff for people. It’s a challenge. I overheard my secret pal the other day comment on how AWESOME she thought her secret pal was.

Well DUH. Was there ever any doubt?? HA!

My secret pal, on the other hand, has forgotten about me. 😦 It’s not the gifts that I miss, but the simple recognition.

Oh well. I have more fun giving than receiving anyway. We’re supposed to reveal ourselves when we have our Christmas party in a few months. I have no idea how much money I’ve spent on my secret pal, but I don’t care – I’m having too much fun with this game.

I have been so tired today!! I didn’t take my supplements today and I’m feeling it. (I take them during the week, not on the weekend). I don’t think I’m tired because of the supplements though, I really think I didn’t get enough sleep this past week. I’ve been hooked on this new TV series “Parenthood” and have been streaming about three shows a night on NetFlix.

I can’t help it – after a stressful day, it feels so good to just zone out in front of the TV.

It’s official. I’ve become a couch potato.


Work Stuff

The Hospital Bought Us Lunch

Work is going well.

For the most part, I have a handle on things now. I was thrown a curve ball that took me nearly six weeks and a call to my supervisor to solve, but I finally got the patient taken care of – even though I found out later that I wasn’t really supposed to take care of that particular problem to begin with, it should have fallen onto the nurse, but hey, I’ll know what to do next time … IF there is a next time.

I haven’t found a job yet, I haven’t really been looking yet. Kevin and I are going out of town in the next few weeks and I don’t want to rock the boat by finding a job and then saying, “Oh, by the way, I need a week off.”

I can’t, in good conscience, do that to my new employer.

So. I’m working my tail end off, 40 (sometimes plus) hours a week trying to stay on top of things. I’m coming home exhausted, but it’s a pleasant exhaustion and I feel like I’m accomplishing something … which is something, I suppose.

Kevin and I went to the company “picnic” yesterday. Apparently, the hospital throws an annual “thank you” picnic at an expo center and I missed it by one week last year. So we went this year.


It’s a good thing it was held indoors because it rained ALL DAY yesterday. I’m not complaining, we really needed the rain. And as long as it was THIS week and not NEXT week when we have our first band competition, then I’m good.

It was sort of cheesy. It was geared mainly toward little kids and since we don’t have little kids anymore, we basically went for the free meal. The food was catered in by Rib Crib, so it was super yummy and I mentioned it was free, right??

We didn’t stick around very long, in fact, I’m not even sure we were there an hour, but it was worth going to and I’m glad we went. We grabbed a Pumpkin Spice Latte afterward and got my oil changed since we are planning an out-of-town trip nearly every weekend for the next six weeks. Then we went grocery shopping.

It was a busy and yet relaxing Saturday.

Which are the best sorts of Saturdays, don’t you think?

Abundant Life

Teaching: Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

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