Saturday Schedule at Webb Stock


Kevin and I are going to eat at Schlotzskys for lunch and then head to Webb City. (Dude is not going with us – he would rather go to the larger competitions). I dropped Jazz off at school at 9:00 this morning. He didn’t want to drive because he’s a zombie after these things and he didn’t feel comfortable driving home in the dead of night half asleep.

I’ll second that.

We went to the band parent preview last night and WOW – these kids never cease to amaze me on how FAST they learn these songs. The music is fantastic, I wish the kids would move a bit more, it’s always more entertaining when the entire band have movements and fun things to do. The Color Guard girls are adorable though and put on a pretty good show. The one thing about early shows is that they evolve into more sophisticated shows later in the season as the band director adds more to it. The show today will be a competition-slash-critique camp sort of thing, so it’ll be interesting to hear what the judges say or how that affects the show later.

Anyway. The weather is GORGEOUS and absolutely perfect for a band competition. I’ll try and post pictures tomorrow …