New Bathrooms

When I Left for Work Today, Our Front Bathroom Looked Like This:

Bathroom - Before

When I got home from work, it looked like this:

Bathroom Demolition

Pretty, right?

We are, in essence, cutting our front bathroom in half. See that long hallway bathroom in the top picture? The tub is right behind the wall next to the sink. We are extending that wall, and the tub will be part of the master bath.

Whoever built this house obviously didn’t care too much about bathroom space because in a nutshell? There isn’t any. We’re just trying to utilize what little space we have and make every square inch count.

I have doubts. The front bathroom is going to be TINY, but we sort of have to sacrifice the space in order to make the master bath even normal size. I’m a little concerned about the toilet being in such a tight spot, but if you look at the top picture, it was like that before – the only difference will be it won’t be in a long hallway.

I can’t believe how much progress our guys made today. I’m still amazed they got the tub removed. I’m even MORE amazed there wasn’t more water damage. I was convinced that they would have to replace the sub-flooring and possibly the wall. Though portions of the wall have been removed, I’m thinking they had to remove it so they could get to the plumbing.

I think they are going to re-route the plumbing tomorrow. I think the tile guy is supposed to come tomorrow, too, though quite honestly, I have no clue what to expect. I have a final picture of what I want it to look like and this in-between stage is … disconcerting, to say the least.

At least they left us one toilet and one shower (the master bath hasn’t been touched yet). I know when my mom and dad re-did their bathroom, they had to give themselves sponge baths and use the restroom at a nearby restaurant because they only had the one bathroom to begin with.

The construction guys are telling us it’s going to be about two weeks before they’re through, but if they keep going at the pace they’re going now, I’m thinking it won’t even take that long.