If You Didn’t Do Your Job, Would You Be Able to Keep Your Job? It’s Time We Fired These Politicians

You do realize that we had a Democrat Senate majority and a Democrat House majority between 2008 and 2010, don’t you? And let’s not forget our “Hope and Change” (boy howdy, did the man CHANGE things) Democrat president.

That means, between 2008 and 2010 the Democrats CONTROLLED this country. And they mucked things up by passing and spending as much as they could possibly get away with because they knew it wouldn’t last. Did they pass a budget between 2008 and 2010? Was there even a budget PROPOSED between 2008 and 2010?


The Republicans took control of the House in late 2010; they proposed a budget that the Democrats STILL wouldn’t/couldn’t agree on, let alone pass – that’s WAY more than the Democrats even attempted in TWO FREAKING YEARS.

Dude. You can’t argue with facts.

The fact is: Democrats can’t bring themselves to pass any sort of budget because they know that in order to balance the budget they will HAVE to make unpopular cuts and tick off their voter base. And rather than lose votes, they are opting to sit back, do nothing, and bide their time so that WHEN the American people have had enough of their nonsense and vote the Republicans back into majority and the Republicans try and do THE RESPONSIBLE thing, like propose a budget, the Democrats can sit back, point fingers and try and make the Republicans into the bad guys thereby shifting the responsibility.

Democrats are allergic to responsibility and making tough decisions. It’s seriously pathetic.

Here’s why passing a budget is crucial:

The process has to start with a budget. Then, using the guidelines and caps established in the budget resolution, the House and Senate produce authorization bills for each government agency telling them what they can and can’t spend money on. Coupled with those authorization bills are the twelve annual appropriations bills that actually apply the funding to those authorized programs and activities.

When Congress doesn’t get those bills done, they end up having to cram everything into an “omnibus” or a “continuing resolution”. An omnibus means that some or all of the twelve appropriations bills are lumped together in a single bill and passed en masse – without the same level of scrutiny and thoughtfulness as happens when they are dealt with individually. Worse still is the “continuing resolution”, where essentially no consideration is given and Congress votes to continue funding the government at current levels.


Get it? Congress is not doing its job.

And yet, they still have jobs.

What’s wrong with this picture?!?