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Audio Teaching: Living From the Heart of God

by John Schoenheit
The Church Epistles clearly state that Christians are not under the Law, and that salvation is obtained by faith in Jesus Christ, not by keeping the Law. Yet anyone who diligently reads the Church Epistles will see that some of the Ten Commandments are quoted in the Church Epistles, many of the same commands God gave in the Law are stated in some form in the Epistles, and even most of the points Jesus made in the Sermon on the Mount are also made in the Epistles. If Christians are not under the Law, why does so much of the Law seem to be repeated in the Epistles?

This teaching shows that even though salvation is not obtained by keeping the Law, the Law is holy, just, and good (Rom. 7:12). The Law contains God’s wisdom and heart for mankind, and some of it does apply to us today. Many of God’s commands in the Law help us live lives that are pleasing to God and free from the bondage of sin. Furthermore, they will position us to be richly rewarded in the coming Kingdom of God on earth.

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