We Went to the Christmas Parade Today … It Was Sort of Lame

Except for these guys, they were pretty awesome. 😀

Christmas Parade 2011

When we received the information sheet about the Christmas parade from the band director on Thursday, it said that our kids were number 23!!!. We couldn’t understand why there were so many exclamation points behind that number – 23?!? That sounds like they were near the end of the parade to me. Why would he be happy about that??

We dropped Jazz off at the rendezvous point around 12:30 today, then me, Kevin and Dude went to Starbucks to grab some coffee (well, Dude and Kevin got coffee, I bought an apple cider because I had already had my allotted cup o’ joe for the day). Our intention was to make it back in time to watch our kids “step off”, but we were too late, they were gone.

No worries. We just parked at the end of the parade route and waited for them to show up.





When the parade started, I admit, I got excited. We haven’t been to a parade since the boys were little (Jazz was still in a stroller!) and I had forgotten how fun they were.

Only our parade? Was kind of lame, if you want the truth. And I was a little disappointed. All we saw were businesses and cops – not that cops aren’t exciting but … okay, fine. Cops aren’t all that exciting.

Though we DID see a concrete truck at one point so I suppose I shouldn’t complain all THAT much. *snort*

Anyway. Our kids marched by and as usual, they put on a fun show for the crowd.




Since we were at the end of the line, we just walked with them and stood by while they dispersed, collected Jazz and started home.

Was that it? I thought. We didn’t see anything after our kids came by so we just assumed that was the whole parade. But I suspect we only actually saw ONE FOURTH of the actual parade. I know for a fact there were several other schools that were scheduled to be in the parade that we didn’t see.

So that 26 our band director was excited about? Makes sense now. We were actually considered at the FRONT of the parade – there was so much more after us.

The guys were ready to leave and Jazz was pretty tired by the time it was over. I could have stayed and watched the rest of it, but I was out voted, so we drove home.

At least Jazz has marched in a parade now and can add that to his bag o’ experiences.

*Side note: A Coca-Cola truck rolled by at one point and they had people handing out soda. Kevin and I just looked at each other and raised our eyebrows. Then Dude noticed that it was DIET soda, which made it so much better, don’t you know. We burst out laughing. Only in America.