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Things I Learned Today

I must, must, MUST, get my caffeine intake under control.

See. I worked the Harrison clinic (more on that in a minute), and I just figured they would have coffee that I could steal, ER, buy, (I’m not totally cheap), at some point during the day.

I learned, on the way down to Harrison today, that the clinic did not have coffee anywhere close to where we would be setting up. So, the girls I rode down there with today stopped at a really awesome bakery/cafe (“The Mills” if you’re down that way), and HO BOY, did they have muffins to DIE for?!? I also bought some coffee, which YAY.

Only. I left it in the van and we were too busy for me to run out and get it and plus, I was too embarrassed to ask the gal for the keys so I could get it. As a result? I didn’t have my coffee intake for today.

See where I’m going with this?

Yep. I had one KILLER migraine on the way home from Harrison. And I wasn’t driving, so add car sickness to that and I was literally swallowing back bile. Luckily, I’m not the only person who gets car sick, so they already had a large measuring container in the car in case anyone needed to lose their lunch. LUCKILY, I had some Excedrin Migraine on me and I took it (actually, I will NEVER be without it again, quite frankly) and though I wanted to throw up in the car, it kicked in before we arrived back to Springfield and I was pain free the rest of the day.

Though I did have a massive nosebleed later in the evening, which I attribute to taking too many Excedrin Migraines, which has aspirin, which thins my already thin blood but … I’m only speculating at this point … I’m not a doctor…

I only WORK with doctors. HA!

So on future out-of-town clinic days? I’m going to brew myself some coffee and drink that stuff first thing so I (hopefully) won’t develop a headache later on.

Of course, some of my headache could be stress related … I don’t know …


The drive down there was not bad at all. I was thinking we were going to be stuck on some curvy roads, and we would have been, but they had extended the highway, so save for the hills, it wasn’t that bad of a drive. The clinic is pretty small and my job is to check patients in, and out, and show them to their exam rooms … sometimes all at the same time. It’s busy and crazy, but honestly, I’m sort of getting used to this crazy, busy pace now so it wasn’t AS big of a deal as it’s been in the past.

We had Arby’s for lunch, but didn’t have time to actually TAKE lunch, so we stole bites of food in between patients.

I actually dressed up in business casual clothes today, which was awesome, but I made the mistake of wearing heels and … NEVER AGAIN. There’s just too much going on for me to wear heels. I’m unloading laptops, setting up laptops, up and down with patients and it’s just too much in heels. Plus, I’m like the Jolly Green Giant compared to the gals I rode down with today. One of the gals is only 4′ 11″ and with me wearing heels? I’m like a whole foot and a half taller than her!!

I do NOT like that feeling at all. I already feel like an Amazon woman anyway, so wearing heels just makes it ten times worse.

So. Note to self: buy flats. Like these beauties for instance.

We only had 14 patients, but it felt like less – because the day went by so fast, I guess. I honestly have no time to think of anything but what I’m supposed to do so I have zero time to even THINK about what time it is, let alone SEE what time it is.

I love that, actually.

We took the company van down there. I think next time, I’m going to offer to drive because then I won’t have to worry about getting car sick, I’ll only have to worry about not crashing and killing everyone.


Sorry. That’s not really funny, actually.

We got back into town about 3:15. The other gals left early, but I stuck around until 5:00. Actually. I was there a little AFTER 5:00 and I think my boss was getting a little impatient with me. I mean, I had been at the clinic since 7:30 that morning and here I was, still working away. I wasn’t trying to brown nose, I just had a number of important flags from the nurses that needed to be addressed and I didn’t want the situations to snowball and bury me come Monday morning.

I’m thinking ahead, you see. Or at the very least, trying to keep my head above water.

I learned a lot of things today, and not just work related. I learned that I need to eat something, regardless of whether I feel hungry or have time AND I need to drink some coffee so I don’t have a withdrawal headache later.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Karen, why don’t you just stop drinking coffee?”

To which I say, “HAHAHA… are you HIGH?!?”

*sigh* That would be the LOGICAL answer, of course. But I need the caffeine to retain what little mental focus that I have; giving it up would seriously hamper my job performance.

And I can’t allow myself to run on anything less than 110%.

I work with SMART people, remember??

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