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Audio Teaching: Walking with Wisdom

by Dan Gallagher
Like any journey, when we come to a crossroad in life we need to determine which way to go. Life is filled with choices, many of which are critical and can affect our lives in significant ways. As Christians, we should seek to please God and do His will. However, it often seems that when we come to a crossroad, we fail to receive clear instructions from God on what choice we should make. Many times God has already answered our question by directing us to gain wisdom. God tells us that wisdom is supreme, and that through wisdom we will be able to discern the answer to many of life’s problems.

In this teaching, Dan Gallagher demonstrates through the life of King Solomon that we will not be able to walk in wisdom year after year unless we have godly character. Wisdom may show us the right path, but it is our character that enables us to walk forward on it. This is why God is never as invested in our gifts and talents as He is in our character. We highly recommend this teaching to everyone who desires growth and good fruit in their lives.

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