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We’re Watching You

Remember when I said that I thought someone was stealing our Netflix movies out of our mailbox? And remember when I told you about the package from Walmart that contained two very large pillows that was supposedly delivered to our front door but we somehow never got it? (I’d link to the article, but I’m too lazy).

Well. Leave it to my clever husband to do something about it. He set up a web cam, trained on our front porch, to catch any would-be thief who might be tempted to troll our house for potential Christmas presents.

We're Watching You

I was seriously considering paying for a PO Box to have our mail routed to. But Kevin talked me off the ledge and set this up instead. I’m not exactly comforted by the fact that our packages sit on our porch all day long, but at least now we’ll get a look at anyone who might snatch them.

So beware, potential thieves, we’re watching you.

And we’re the sort of people who press charges.

Just sayin’.

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