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Driving Lesson … Hey! Don’t Hit That Kid! They’re Not Worth Very Many Points

I’m kidding, of course. For those out there that don’t have a sense of humor.

You know who you are.

Jazz’s driving “lessons” are going well. He’s catching on pretty quickly. We’re still having trouble staying in the lane – he tends to drive on the edge of the road, which makes me ride on the edge of my seat. I’m constantly having to point to his side of the car to indicate he needs to get over.

His corners are better – we no longer turn them on two wheels. (You only THINK I’m joking).

He’s been driving to school – We almost hit a kid in the school parking lot the other day. To be fair, it wasn’t totally Jazz’s fault. These high school kids have a tendency to walk in front of the cars without bothering to get over. I guess they think they’re being “tough” and “cool” when we know they’re being “idiots.” There’s a portion of the parking lot where you have to turn left. In the meantime, there are kids driving toward the back lot and you have kids that have parked in the back lot that are walking to the school.

So. You are trying to avoid being T-boned by an oncoming car and trying to drive around teenagers who refuse to yield.

Fun stuff.

We drove the busier roads today. He did really well. We drove all around the outskirts of town. We’ll drive those roads several more times before hitting the highways. It’s supposed to rain Wednesday – I’ll probably have him drive to school that day too, so he can start getting some experience driving in rain.

Then. Night driving. *gulp*

And parallel parking. But Kevin is in charge of that because I SUCK at parallel parking. I always have.

I’m thinking he will be ready to take his test in March. Since it’s dark when I get off work, that only leaves the weekends to practice driving, so we don’t really have very many opportunities to drive.

I took a short video of him today. He was cranky because I made him stop playing his precious video game and go driving. (*GASP* Tough toenails). I would have pushed it (because I’m mean like that), but I didn’t want to distract him too much.

I have to say, I’m ready for him to get his license. It will make it SO MUCH easier on everyone when he’s driving on his own.

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