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Busy Weekend – Actually, It Wasn’t. It Only Felt That Way Because We Normally Just Veg Out

Jazz had a buddy from school come over yesterday so they could finish up a project for their Earth Science class. They built a structure that is supposed to withstand a rocking table for two minutes. In other words, a structure that can withstand an adolescent earthquake. They were given some wooden rods, glue and a base. That’s it. This is what they came up with …


If it doesn’t stand the shake test in class tomorrow, he’ll only get 50%. Which will drop his overall grade, which is third highest in his class right now.

So, he’s a bit stressed. And I’ll be praying the thing holds together.

It was a gloomy, typical December day in the Ozarks. Cold and overcast. It feels like snow, but I don’t think we’ll get any snow. Then again, our weather is unpredictable so … you never know.

Correction, make that ice.


Kevin and I ran up to his office today … he couldn’t resist putting a little tree up.



He had to print out pictures of his pelvis, both before and after his motorcycle accident. He’s meeting with our lawyer tomorrow … and that’s all I can say about that.

It’s pretty obvious that he loves his office …


… don’t ya think?

After we left his office, we went to Walmart so I could pick up a game that I had shipped from site to store (because I suspect we have a neighborhood creep stealing our mail/packages), and we bought these goodies.


Kevin picked up cards for an 18-year old boy and an 8-year old girl at a radio station last week and we went shopping for them. The girl wanted a Barbie doll and an MP3 player (I can’t believe how cheap shuffles are now), and the boy wanted tools so he could use them to work with. Kevin had a ball with this one. We bought him some sort of screwdriver set, a toolbox, a gift card and Kevin cleaned out some odds and ends in the garage that he has never used – so the boy will get a few surprises when he opens his toolbox.

We LOVE shopping for foster children. It’s heart warming to do something for them. I just wish we could do more. My heart breaks for these children that, for whatever reason, have been abandoned by their parents.

I hope you’ll find it in your heart to donate to needy children this holiday season.

Afterwards, I dragged Kevin to Shoe Carnival. I needed to buy some dress flats to wear whenever I have to work outlying clinics at work and when I tried these beauties on and they felt so good, I simply bought the same style but different color. (Can you see the difference? One is black, the other is navy).


That pretty much sums up my clothes shopping – once I see something I like, I tend to buy it in every color and BAM, I’m done.

I hate to shop. I’m sure you didn’t pick up on that.

We’re having fried chicken for dinner …


… I hate to cook, too.

I’m like the epitome of housewife, don’t you think?

Kevin’s so lucky to be married to me. *snort*

Dude pretty much hasn’t left this chair, or this game, all weekend …


I’m really looking forward to him starting college in January and REALLY looking forward to the day he starts his part-time job. Not that he HAS a part-time job right now. *sigh* But it’s BOUND to happen eventually, right? RIGHT?!?

The kid won’t know what to DO with all of that reality.

*evil laugh*

Jazz’s high school marching band is scheduled to march in next weekend’s Christmas (*gasp* SHE SAID CHRISTMAS … CALL OUT THE LYNCH MOB – *HEH*) parade. However, if the weather sticks to the forecast, and it’s sunny, but only a high of 31 degrees, then they won’t march. The band director has told the kids he won’t make them march below 40 degrees.

So I’m thinking it’s not going to happen.


I hope he gets to march at least one parade before he graduates.

I also made two loaves of pumpkin bread this weekend …


That wrapped part on top is all that is left of one loaf.

One guess on who ate most of that loaf.

I ran over a trash bag full of leaves the other night and unbeknownst to me, it got stuck under my car. We heard it flapping in the wind when we went grocery shopping Friday night. Kevin got most of it out, but a significant portion of it melted to my exhaust pipe and now it smells like someone used a hot glue gun ON the underside of my car.

I’m betting the people behind me are LOVING that.

Have a good week, ya’ll.

Would you hate me if I told you I’m actually GLAD tomorrow is Monday?

I know. Sick, right?

And we mustn’t forget another Christmas tune. You’re not being all “hum-bugg-y” on me, are you?

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(Michael Buble “Jingle Bells”)