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Disney PhotoPass Ordering Tip: Buy the Largest Digital Size

I broke down and bought the insanely expensive family photos that a PhotoPass photographer took of us at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios:

Family Shot - Epcot

Family Shot - Hollywood Studios

What can I say? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing because it is HIGHLY IMPROBABLE that any of us will ever go back to Disney World (at least until grandkids come along. *ahem*)

If you order photos from Disney’s PhotoPass option, let me give you a tip:

Order the largest digital copy you can.

For example:

Here are the options that Disney gives you for purchasing the PhotoPass photos.

Hard Copies
Two 4×6’s for $14.95.
Or, one 5×7 for $14.95.

Digital Copies
4×6, a 5×7, or an 8×10 digital copy for $14.95 each.

Here’s my tip: Buy the biggest digital copy you can. If you’re going to pay the same amount anyway, pick the biggest digital copy. Download it, upload it to someplace like Flickr, or simply go to Snapfish (if you have an account with Flickr, it automatically defaults to Snapfish whenever you want to order copies), and order any size copies you want from that 8×10 for WAY less than you would pay for actual copies through Disney.

When you pay the $14.95, you’re also paying for a royalty-free license – which means you have permission to make copies of the picture, you just can’t make copies and then sell it to someone else.

At Snapfish, you can get 4×6 copies for $.09 A PIECE!
5×7’s are $.79 cents a piece and 8×10’s are $2.99 a piece.

So, if you’re going to pay the same price for all sizes anyway, you might as well buy the biggest size available so you can order more prints at a fraction of the cost someplace else.