Dressing Up the Guitar

Quick: This guitar looks like the guitar of a famous rock-n-roller from the 80’s.

Who is it?

If you guessed Eddie Van Halen …… YAY! You ROCK my socks!

*high five*

Kevin’s band, Midnite Thunder, has a gig this weekend and the place they’re playing at is hosting an 80’s night. Which is perfect since Kevin’s band plays 80’s music. But Kevin had the bright idea of using his guitar as part of his costume. So, he grabbed some tape and started playing around keeping Eddie Van Halen’s guitar in mind.

And he ended up with the guitar you see pictured above.

Pretty cool, right? (He’s so creative).

Now if we could only find him a square-tipped tie and funky plastic glasses, he would be set.

(And speaking of the 80’s, I would have DIED for hair like this back then. The bigger and rattier, the better. Whatever. Don’t EVEN deny that’s not cool. Ha!)