Compromise That’s Not a Solution is a Waste of Time

I challenge you to watch this video and LISTEN to what the man says. Rubio perfectly sums up what we’re all thinking.

If you don’t wish to spend 15 minutes watching this video, then read the transcript.

And if you don’t want to do either, then I’m assuming you like being told what to think instead of taking the initiative to think on your own.

That’s right – meow. I’m tired of people not getting involved in our messed-up politics.

I really LOVE how he keeps on task. I love how he doesn’t rise to Senator Kerry’s bait and allow himself to be put on the defensive. For you see, that is the Democrats’ biggest strategy – to put the Republicans on defense. For if they’re put on defense, then they spend most of their time defending their position instead of debating the REAL issues. Democrats are masters of delay tactics because if they can delay talking about the tough issues, then they don’t have to vote on the tough issues and tick off their voter base.

Because that voter base keeps them in office and we must not bite the hand that feeds us, now must we. That might mess up their political CAREER. Forget doing what’s best for the country, let’s focus on getting re-elected and furthering one’s CAREER.

It’s not a CAREER, it’s a SERVICE. It’s an honor to SERVE the American people and to be their spokesperson. But too many career politicians either have forgotten they’re there on behalf of the people, or they simply don’t care – it’s all about kissing the right asses so they can stay in Washington.

The whole thing makes me sick.

We need more people like Rubio in Congress who WILL NOT allow themselves to be distracted from the real issues. Then they can get back to the crux of the matter and hold the feet of these Democrats to the fire who refuse to deal with the real issues at hand.

I mean seriously, just HOW deeply can one party bury their heads in the sand?? It’s time to face reality and make the tough decisions. Someone, and I’m addressing both parties here because the Republicans have been spineless wimps in this whole debt ceiling issue, needs to grow a pair of balls and DEAL with these problems.

Did you catch the part where the Senate hasn’t produced a budget, not even a proposed budget, since Obama has taken office?!? And did you catch the last part where he said, “I would say it’s impossible to negotiate with someone who doesn’t offer a plan. How do you negotiate with someone who will not offer a plan and will not put it on the table?”

I mean, COME ON, Duh people.

And I’ve heard lot of talk today about delaying tactics and delaying votes. I would argue to you that this issue has been delayed at least for the last two and a half years.

In the two years before I even came here, this chamber neither proposed nor passed a budget. It is a startling figure that for the last two years this government has operated without a budget. So think about that. Two years have gone by without a budget. The first two years that the President was the president, no budgets.

Some people would say, well, that’s because of partisanship in Washington. Well, that’s not true. In the two years before I got here, both the House and Senate were controlled by members of the Democratic Party, which are the President’s party. In fact, in this chamber for at least one of those two years, 60 votes, 60 out of the 100 members here caucused with the Democrats. And as you recall, on Christmas Eve of the year 2009, they were able to pass a health care bill that was very controversial because they had the 60 votes in the President’s party.

Over two years, no budget. In fact you know how long it has been since this chamber proposed a budget? Forget passed a budget, proposed a budget? 822 days. That’s a long time. A lot of things have happened in the last 822 days, but proposing a budget is not one of them out of this chamber.

So then I got here – and we got here in January, seven months have passed, still no budget. Again, not budget passed, proposed, offered. Here’s our budget. Still no budget. 822 Days and every single day that I’ve been here.

Now, in the last seven days on this debt debate, we have finally seen a proposal from the esteemed senator from Nevada, the majority leader. You would think, has he brought it to the floor to vote? Not until last night. So, again, offered a proposal over the weekend and still for six days we sat around and what did we do around here? Nothing. It was never brought to a vote.

You would think these issues would have been worked on in January, February, March — nothing. This chamber has done nothing. You talk about delay tactics? They’ve been delaying for two and a half years.

And the Democrats have the AUDACITY to accuse the Republicans of delay tactics?!? The left side is truly delusional.

Marco Rubio seriously needs to run for president and if, nay, WHEN he does, he has my vote.