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At the Moment …

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Good grief, this day passed in a blur.

I dug my heels in and answered ALL of my emails (well, almost, I got a few more just now, but those are going to have to wait until the morning because my brain? It’s mush[ier] than usual). In addition, I dug my heels in and worked on designing a website for some high school counselors and oh! I just remembered, I need to send a list of questions to a new client.

In between all of this, I hounded Dude to get up, take a shower BEFORE getting on the computer (unbeknownst to him, this will be his new habit), and to start researching places he wants to work at. “I don’t know” won’t cut it anymore, we want concrete answers – short term and long term goals. I told him this morning that summer vacation? Is over for him. Also? Childhood is over – he’s a man now and it’s time to figure out what he’s going to do with himself. We’re making him dress up in slacks and a nice shirt (not a t-shirt) and come up to the office tomorrow so we can conduct mock interviews with him. Then, he’s going to drive a few places and pick up some applications.

Yep. We’re pushing him. Because we have to. If we waited for him to do something, we’d both be walking with canes.

Mean? Perhaps. But sometimes ya gotta do what’s necessary and this is necessary.


I also took Jazz to a dentist appointment today. He has to wear rubber bands for six weeks. Something about correcting his bite.

He’s NOT happy. And his mouth is sore right now, but I’m HOPING that this means we’re nearing the end of the treatment because I seem to recall rubber bands being the last step before the braces come off.

I hope so.

Especially since his mouth is now paid for.

At least he has a week to get used to the things before band camp starts next week.

Eight to five, Monday through Friday (and the following Monday). It’ll be grueling, for all of us, I assure you.


Speaking of teeth…

Mine have been giving me problems. I bit down on something the other day and OUCH. I thought at first I had lost a filling (nearly all of my molars have fillings, in fact, one molar is one big filling. No joke), but I don’t feel anything unusual in there, so now I’m thinking maybe I have some food caught in there so I’ll floss tonight. If that doesn’t help, then I’m thinking maybe I have some decay under my filling which means … I’ll be making an appointment to get my teeth cleaned to see what’s going on.

I really dread this and not just because going to the dentist is SO MUCH FUN, but because we don’t have dental insurance.


But if I don’t treat this now, it might get worse and REALLY expensive, so it’s probably wiser to nip this thing in the bud … or the root, whatever the case may be.


I took Jazz out driving yesterday and we went on the side streets. Only, I took him a bit too far and we ended up on a curvy road and we nearly had a head-on collision with a pretty red pick up truck.

Now Jazz is scared to drive. *SIGH*

I was going to take him back out tonight after dinner, but I was so wrapped up in trying to get my emails under control, that I lost track of time and now it’s dark so … we’ll have to go tomorrow. I can’t let too much time go by though or he’ll be blow this incident up so much that he’ll be a petrified stump whenever we do go out.

Life is fun, isn’t it?


I was sort of a jerk to a family member yesterday. He wanted to go out to eat and I flat out said no. I hate eating out for two reasons:

The time. I would MUCH rather spend that time doing something OTHER than waiting in line or waiting for food. Just blech.

And two: the cost. I’d rather stick a $50 dollar bill in my mouth and chew, that’s how much of a waste eating out is to me.

I’m stressed because of the work I need to do and trying to find a part-time job and when I’m stressed, I have zero patience for crap.

It’s probably best just to steer clear of me for a while.


It’s 8:30 p.m. and still 95 degrees. It’s supposed to be 104 degrees tomorrow.


And we haven’t had rain in about two weeks – MAJOR drought.

I’m writing this down so that next year, when we have a wet and/or cool summer, I can point to this summer, look Global Warming alarmists in the face and say, “It’s called CYCLICAL!”

See? Cranky.

I’m leaving now.