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Don’t Bother

So, you blew it. I knew you would. I gave you one last chance to redeem yourself, ONE, and not only did you show up drunk, you showed up with your fly hanging open; it was no small feat to distract 15 six-year olds.

Happy damn birthday, right?

I’m done. So, dear John, the next time you feel like making amends?






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Surprise! It’s a Curio Case

This is one of those stories that Kevin and I joke about all the time. He’s convinced he DIDN’T surprise me that Christmas and I’m here to tell you, HE DID.

I had been collecting Precious Moments for quite a few years prior to this Christmas and I never had any place to display them. They stayed mostly in their boxes. So Kevin thought he would be clever and buy me a curio case to put them in.

I know! I married a very smart man. 😀

Only, how do you give your wife something that big? You can’t exactly wrap it and put in next to the tree. She would likely drive you crazy trying to guess what it was until Christmas Day. And can you really hide something that big? I mean, wouldn’t she likely SEE it and wonder, “what the HECK is that huge box doing there??”

Actually. Yes. That’s exactly what Kevin did. He bought it, and stored it in our extra bedroom. And the pathetic thing is? I never saw it!! Honest to God. I’m not just saying that because I know he’ll likely read this – I honestly never knew the thing was in our bedroom. And I think Kevin said it was in the room for several days.

So when I look surprised in this video? I was genuinely surprised because I had no idea it was even in the room.

(And sorry for the squeaky voice. I can’t believe I sounded like that. Someone needed to slap a “CALM DOWN WOMAN” sticker on my forehead).

(And yes. I used to wear Christmas sweatshirts. Hush).

Here’s a picture of the case, in “case” (haha) you’re curio (curious – okay, I’ll stop now).

I love this case. It suits me perfectly. It’s not too fancy, but looks classy. It’s functional without being overstated. It’s modern, without being bizarre.

I stored my Precious Moments figurines in it for 20 years. It’s only been recently (like in the past year), that I’ve taken them out, put them back into their boxes and stored them. It’s weird, but I sort of feel like I’ve outgrown my Precious Moments. I’m thinking about selling them at some point (a few of them are probably worth some money), but I haven’t been able to let them go quite yet.

In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out what to put in my curio case, so that’s why it’s a little bare at the moment. Since I don’t do a lot of shopping, I haven’t really seen anything I liked. Though Kevin and I were shopping at Kohl’s the other day and we both saw this cool bicycle that we had to have. It’s currently our favorite piece in the house.

(Though I don’t know, that flowerpot on the bottom shelf ranks right up there. Jazz made that for me in preschool and I just treasure it. The teachers asked Jazz what he liked about having a mommy like me, so his answers are printed on the petals. It’s really too cute).


Even though I loved having someplace to put my Precious Moments figurines, that’s not the biggest reason why I loved the gift. I loved it even more because Kevin paid attention to what I liked, what I needed, and took the time to find that perfect gift.

This gift was thoughtful and wrapped in love.

Those are the best gifts of all.

(Well, aside from children, but you know what I mean).