Smokin’ Hot Nerd

Smokin' Hot Nerd

This is what Kevin wore to his gig tonight.

I’m betting he made the girls SWOON.

I’m totally lying.

He put pants on.

But seriously – how cool are these sneakers?? Black leather Converse? That’s hot, man.

He’s playing out in the boonies tonight. I stayed home and did 20 minutes of Turbo Jam (LOVE that workout), and, hold on to your hats, 70 MINUTES of treadmill, complete with hand weights.

I have a death wish, apparently.

I wouldn’t have HAD to workout that long if I hadn’t eaten so much junk food today. Okay fine, I didn’t really eat that much, but enough to make me feel guilty and to nearly push myself to the edge. If you want the truth, I sort of like working out. No really. I like to sweat so much it looks like I got caught in a sudden downpour. It makes me feel good. Tired. BONE tired, but good.

Kevin’s band has a lot of gigs lined up. He’ll be busy playing about three out of four weekends nearly every month for the rest of the YEAR. It sort of bums me out that he’s playing so much, but I can see how much he loves it and I would NEVER ask him to quit something he loves. I wouldn’t want him to ask me to quit something I loved to do. And it’s not like we ever do anything over the weekends, anyway.

And I like the time apart – for about three or four hours, and then I start missing him. We text back and forth. He sends me messages when he’s on break, that helps.

But still. The boys are doing their thing and I’m left all alone.

I could get into trouble if I’m left alone for too long.