If You Know What You Believe, You Can Defend It, Right?

This truly disturbs me. It shows that our young people (most people? Lord, I hope not) are simply regurgitating what they’re being told and really don’t understand the issue behind the cause, at all.

Look. Parents. I really don’t care which side of the fence you cut the lawn for, Democrat or Republican, if you can’t defend what you believe in, if you can’t look at a situation objectively and rationally, if you can’t teach your children the REASON behind why you believe what you believe in, then doesn’t that, right there, warrant a closer look into your beliefs? If a person has more questions than answers when it comes to morals, beliefs, causes, then wouldn’t it be more responsible to find out more information before championing the cause?

We consistently talk to our boys about WHY we believe the way we do. We back it up with facts, with proof, with history, in order to convince them we firmly believe in something. We look at ALL sides of an issue and then we discuss it. They have every right to believe differently than we do, but we have every right to question them as to WHY they believe differently than we do. If they can’t answer that simple question, “WHY DO YOU FEEL THAT WAY”, then catch me later – I’m done debating. (Actually, is it a debate if the other person can’t defend their position? I’d say that’s more along the lines of an argument and I have no desire to argue with an ill-informed person).

Here’s an older video from the Exposing Leftists website that is worth another watch:

I wish the Exposing Leftists people would make more videos – these are priceless, and informative.

Ignorance is not only bliss, it’s also a way to control the people. After all, if you don’t know the facts beyond a statement, cause, law, then how can you possibly dispute and/or reject it?

These young people are our future. Is anyone worried about their inability to think for themselves instead of allowing an individual, or an organization, to tell them what to think?

I am.

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: Keys to Godly Communication

by Ryan Maher
This very practical teaching will empower you with the understanding you need to communicate better with others, especially in times of conflict. When in conflict we always need to ask ourselves if we are really obeying God’s Word; this teaching will illuminate the many verses on this important topic. Keys to better communication emerge for staying connected and reconciling relationships. As God has a big stake in good communication as a part of loving one another, so the Devil has an investment in disrupting communication as a part of his plan to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10).

Our Communication Agreement is explained and expounded, with a strong exhortation to the people in our community to live according to these principles. Giving grace and the benefit of the doubt, and seeking to understand more than to be understood are just two important keys to better communication. This teaching can change your life and greatly improve your relationships, whether in conflict or not

Click the arrow to listen.

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