Children in Joplin Missouri Really Need Our Help

Just saw this on Facebook and thought I would pass it on along here, too.

Just because the disaster is over in Joplin, doesn’t mean they are back to normal. The cleanup is just beginning and will continue for months. In the meantime, they still need our help.

Please consider Adopting an Eagle (Joplin’s mascot is the Eagle), or a Joplin classroom and help these poor children prepare to go back to school this Fall.

From the Joplin Schools’ website:

At 5:41 p.m. on Sunday, May 22, Joplin, Missouri was struck by a horrific EF-5 tornado. The Joplin area schools suffered casualities and major facility damage.

Joplin Schools began responding immediately. Our first priority was to account for all of our staff and students, then assess the damage. All students and staff were accounted for within one week of the tornado, but the numbers were grim.

Seven of our students and one Joplin Schools’ staff member were killed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to these families.

Joplin Schools pledges to do everything within our power to help our community rise up from this catastrophe. The damage to our schools was significant.

Just look how many schools were either completely destroyed or suffered structural damage:

Total Losses:
Franklin Technology Center, Irving Elementary School and Joplin High School

Still Pending Further Investigation by Insurance Company:
Old South Middle School, Emerson Elementary School and Joplin East Middle School

Suffered Significant Damage:
Cecil Floyd Elementary School and Roi S. Wood Administration Building

Suffered Minor Damage:
Kelsey Norman Elementary School and Duquesne Elementary School

Thank God this tornado didn’t happen during school hours. Can you imagine how many children would have been injured and/or killed? It’s a truly horrifying thought.

Joplin Schools is rebuilding and reassuring our families that school will begin on August 17. Actual reconstruction began May 26. Students and parents will continue to receive the high quality education they deserve and expect.

There are challenges ahead, but a new day has begun at Joplin Schools. People make the difference and we invite you to join us.

The schools weren’t the only thing destroyed in Joplin – approximately 30% of the city was destroyed, too. If you would like to help with the cleanup efforts and/or help Joplin rebuild, the Rebuild Joplin website is a good place to start.

We are personally going to try and help at least two students with back-to-school supplies and possibly some supplies for a few teachers, as well. Won’t you join me in helping our children go back to school this Fall?