Unusual Tree Topper

Ignore this picture.

Well, don’t ignore it, just don’t judge it too harshly. It was actually an experiment.

Don’t ask me what that experiment was, I don’t have a name for it. I saw this concept (breaking up one picture into two different parts) on another blog and thought I would play around with it. Granted, the subject matter is a little dull, but you get the gist of it.

Or maybe you don’t.

This is the star on top of our tree. I have no idea what this star is called … a .. pointy silver star with thumb holes punched into the base. (My descriptive powers are on Christmas break. Hush).

All I know? Is that this particular Christmas decoration is PRECIOUS in our household. The boys know to be extra careful with this puppy because I will go ballistic if it breaks. (Okay, not really, but I’ll be sad, okay? Actually, it wouldn’t take much effort to break it. Just hold it in the palm of your hand and squeeze – *pop*).

I have no idea why I’m so attached to this tree-topper-star-thingie because it doesn’t hold any sort of sentimental value for any of us and if we’re honest, is sort of ugly, but it’s become a Christmas tradition in our household. A Christmas tradition that started when I was a litlte girl.

Not this particular star, but one like it.

I think the one on top of our tree was gold. Same sort of star, but gold. (I can imagine my mother shaking her head and saying to my dad, “Nope. She’s wrong again. It was gold AND silver.” I’m rather infamous for remembering things wrong).

For some odd reason, I remember that silly looking star above anything else on my childhood tree.

When Kevin and I started dating (we lived in “sin” for two years before we got married – another post for another time), I dug out my old, crappy (cheap) Christmas tree and we decorated it with our meager (cheap) ornaments. When I put my gaudy-looking star on top (and trust me, it was a hideous looking star), Kevin said something about having a gold pointy star on his family’s Christmas tree growing up.

The same kind of star we had used on OUR tree.

(It was quite obvious to me that we belonged together from that point on – the SAME kind of weird looking star?? What were the odds?)

We spent several years actively looking for one of those weird looking stars. It was only after we STOPPED actively looking for one did we finally stumble on one. (Isn’t that always the case?)

And there it’s been perched on top of our tree ever since. Though we haven’t actively been searching for another one, I have yet to find another one. They’re hard to come by, apparently.

Though it looks odd, jutting out of the top of our tree like an ominous silver finger flipping us the bird, it also looks right. It fits. It completes our tree.

This unusual tree topper fits our family.

What sort of tree topper do you have on your Christmas tree?

Christmas song #14 Carol of the Bell by Barlow Girl