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Hunting for Nails!/writefromkaren/status/11099025021337600

I’m showing this because the roofing guys, as part of our agreement, were supposed to run a big, rolling magnet over our yard to pick up their nails after they finished the job.

As you can see, they didn’t.

Kevin just took a break to have some lunch and he’s back out there hunting for more nails right now. He’s already filled up one baggie. The thing is, when he first suggested buying a magnet so he could do this, I thought he was being anal.

Just proves how wrong I am most of the time and how grateful I am that he doesn’t listen to me all the time.

Between the neighbor dog using our yard as a toilet and now all of these nails, we’ll need full-body armor just to go outside.

It’s always something.


Happy Family

I’m so happy!, originally uploaded by Little Thoughts.

Here’s the thing – we’re a happy family.

We’re not perfect (I yell a lot, Kevin says “What?” a lot [telling me that he doesn’t really listen all the time] and the boys? Well, they’re teenagers and like to push their boundaries – hence my yelling), but I’d say we’re pretty darn happy. I know it’s not exactly “kosher” to admit that our family is happy and pretty normal on the Internet because *yawn*, who wants to read about a well-adjusted family, right? But I can not lie, we’re content. (And boring, but whatever).

We have dinner every night together as a family. Since I’m the only female in the family, I tend to be the chatty one. Whenever I’m feeling “funky“, I tend to be quiet, leaving it up to the guys to fill in the silence, you know, to carry on the conversation.

Being guys, you can imagine how well THAT goes over.

So, we bring out the conversation cards. Kevin asks the questions, we answer. Most of the time (okay, 99% of the time), the boys don’t take it seriously and they say some pretty off the wall things. But it’s enough to make us all laugh and we have a good time. (I sincerely hope the boys look back on this time period and remember the “conversation cards.”)

Last night, one of the questions asked was:

“If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?”

Or something along those lines, I don’t remember the exact wording, and do you know what everyone said?


Even the boys. Even after I presented several attractive scenarios to try and tempt them into saying something different they still said, “Nothing.”

Now granted, they may have just been feeling lazy and didn’t want to put any thought into the question, but somehow, I don’t think so. They seemed genuine and the fact that they wouldn’t change anything? That they are happy right where they are, being our sons, living under our roof and by our rules? Really warms my heart.

It makes me hope that Kevin and I have been doing this parenting thing right.

NOT PERFECT. Just … right, for us and our boys.

Christmas song #4 A Christmas to Remember by Amy Grant