Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – I Love Cupcakes (Part Two)

Anyone else watch Cupcake Wars? I really dig watching the Food Networks’ food challenges and the cupcake wars are just … well, they’re cute.

Anyhoo … I thought it would be fun to highlight the Cupcakes from the Family Fun site in case anyone out there is hankering to decorate any cupcakes any time soon.

And if you need anyone to test those cupcakes for you, just let me know. 😀

(There are more cute cupcakes over here).

1. N is For Nest Cupcake

2. O is For Octopus Cupcake

3. P is For Pig Cupcake

4. Q is For Queen Cupcake

5. R is For Rose Basket Cupcake

6. S is For Shark Cupcake

7. T is For Tepee Cupcake

8. U Is for Unicorn Cupcake

9. V Is For Vampire Cupcake

10. W Is For Worms Cupcake

11. X Is For Xylophone Cupcake

12. “Y” Is for Yellow Jacket Cupcake

13. Z Is For Zoo Cupcake

Which cupcake is your favorite?