My Family Sticks Me in a Corner

I saw this over at Laurin Evans’ blog and thought I’d share my writing/working space, too.

My desk, my electronic life, is actually stuffed into a corner of the family room.

I didn’t bother cleaning my desk for this post – I just grabbed my camera, scooted my chair back and *click*, there you go.

Starting from the left side of the photo:

That is an information about the day of my birth plaque. My sister gave it to me for my 40th birthday. It has all sorts of interesting tidbits about little-known facts about the day I was born. For example:

  • 190,000 American soldiers are in Vietnam, Anti-war protests start.
  • Enormous power failure causes 9-hour blackout in eastern Canada and U.S., leading to surge in national birthrates nine months later.
  • Black leader Malcolm X is killed at Harlem rally. Riots occur for six days in Watts section of Los Angeles.
  • Winston Churchill dies.
  • The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is completed.
  • Sony introduces the Betamax, a home video tape recorder. Nearly all of NBC’s programs are in color.
  • Bell bottom pants and long-haired boys are the fashion.
  • Medicare passes.
  • “The Sound of Music,” “A Thousand Clowns” and “Dr. Zhivago” debut.
  • “Wild, Wild West”, “Hogan’s Heroes”, “Green Acres”, “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Batman” are the hot TV shows.

Interesting stuff, right? (Okay, interesting to ME).

That’s the stereo I use to play the music from my iTouch on. (And the music I then tweet from the website). I also listen to talk radio there, too. (*gasp* Say it ain’t so!!)

All of the papers you see stuck in the CD slots? I have no idea what those are. I just keep them there to fool my husband into thinking I’m actually working on something. (Okay not really. Though it’s true I have no idea what 3/4 of them are).

The clutter on my desk? Pretty normal. I have at least one, or two squares of paper towels on my desk because I almost always have something to eat at my desk (can you see the Nutter Butters? And you thought I tweeted that to be funny. Reader, when will you learn to take me seriously?).

There’s also a JCPenney catalog, a pretty purple journal that I just can’t bring myself to write in cause it’s so pretty, a brochure to a portrait place that I want to take Dude to to get his senior pictures taken (NO, I still haven’t made that appointment – I SUCK!), an appointment card for Jazz’s next dentist appointment, and the days I ripped off my Baby Blues calendar that I keep for scrap paper and to use as bookmarks because I’m notorious for losing bookmarks and that gets expensive over time.

The picture to the right is my diploma from the college I graduated from in ’03. (Why yes, I am proud of that expensive piece of paper, thanks).

So, as you can see, I have nothing to look at, which doesn’t stop me from being distracted, I can assure you.

But if you look to your right, you’ll see this:

This is our back door. Dude is sitting in Kevin’s office, playing XBox. So, I can get a glimpse of the outside world on occasion. That chair? Is where Kevin sits to read. In fact, he’s reading right now. And he’s reading this, in case you were interested. Oh yes, yes he is.

When you look to your left, you see this:

I don’t look to my left very much. You can see why, right?

I am a huge multi-tasking procrastinator. Let me explain. I will have no less than about five windows open at one time. I continually toggle between Facebook, Twitter, my blog, the weather, Flickr (if I’m posting pictures), Google Reader and Google – because I’m constantly Googling something that I’m curious about or I need information for.

I also have my Dreamweaver program open at all times (I maintain websites for the schools), PhotoShop Elements (because I’m constantly editing photos or making graphics for said websites), and of course, my Outlook that is scheduled to check for mail every 20 minutes, but I get impatient, or caught up, and I routinely run it to see if I gotten any new mail.

In between reading these sites, posting on Twitter, updating websites, or answering emails, I blog. Or I’m reading other blogs. And often times, I’m doing them all at the same time. Because I find that I think better when I’m not thinking. For instance, when I’m trying to think of something to write, I’ll work, or do something else while I stew on what to write, and often times, something will come to me while I’m doing something else.

I’ve always been that way – I like to have several things going on at the same time because I tend to force myself to focus more. It’s when I have nothing to do, or am bored, that I get absolutely nothing done. And when I say nothing, I mean, I’ve showered. That’s the extent of my accomplishments on those days.

The busier I am, the more productive I am. Does anyone else have this problem?

Often times, Kevin is sitting in that chair, reading, and I’m at my computer trying to write something, or thinking about writing something while Tweeting, or checking Facebook, or reading a blog post, or watching a video and Kevin is like a back seat driver, only he’s looking over my shoulder and asking me, every few seconds, “what’s that,” or “who’s that,” or “what are you tweeting,” or “who’s on Facebook” or, “who just emailed you, ” or …. AARGH!

I can’t work like that. So. When he’s reading, like now, I go to plan B.

My laptop. On the dining room table.

Which I’m writing this blog post on right now.

I CAN NOT focus, or work, when someone is in the same room as I am. I have to be alone with my thoughts. It must be quiet. I can listen to music as I work on websites, but whenever I write something, whether that’s a blog post, a story, or even an email, it must be absolutely silent or I snap and snarl like a rapid dog.

I’m normally such a pleasant person to be around, unless I’m trying to write or working on new designs.

Then? Not so much.

Maybe THAT’S why my family sticks me in the corner.

Ah. It all makes so much sense now.