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Friday Craft: Back-to-School Fashions

Personally, I’ve never been a big fashion fan (and if you know me, you’re nodding your head in agreement right about now). I mean, it LOOKS cool, but I’m too cheap to buy new stuff and I’m also too lazy to shop for it (even online – yes, I realize how pathetic that makes me sound).

I don’t have any personal fashion sense to speak of (I’m a year-round t-shirts/shorts/sweatshirts/sweats sort of gal. I could totally use a makeover and I’m not even kidding), but I appreciate other people’s flair.

Here are some cute, and different, ideas for your fashionable back-to-school kidlet.

Pocket Scarf

This fuzzy fleece wrap has a bonus feature: a pair of pockets that double as hand warmers.


* Piece of fleece (ours is 60 inches long an 8 inches wide)
* Embroidery floss and sewing needle
* 3 buttons
* Scissors


1. Fold the ends of the scarf, lining them up with the sides.
2. Use a whipstitch to sew along the sides, creating two triangular pockets.
3. Sew a button just inside the center of each pocket. Cut a corresponding buttonhole above each, as shown.
4. Add a third button to the outside corner of one of the pockets, sewing through both layers of fleece. Cut its buttonhole in the opposite pocket, snipping through both layers. You can use this button to secure your scarf in place.

Shirts With Sole

Kids can create their own spring fashion lines by using shoe treads to stamp colorful designs onto their tees.


* T-shirt
* Con-Tact paper
* Cardboard
* Cosmetic wedges or sponge pieces
* Fabric paint


1. Create a template from a piece of Con-Tact paper. (Draw your own free-form design or download Family Fun’s.)
2. Insert a piece of cardboard between the shirt layers to keep the paint from bleeding through. Remove the paper backing from the template and press it onto the shirt.
3. Using cosmetic wedges or sponge pieces, dab fabric paint onto a clean shoe tread. Practice printing on a piece of paper, then gently press the paint-covered tread onto the shirt, adding more paint and repeating as needed.
4. When you are finished painting, wash the bottom of the shoe immediately with soap and water. Let the shirt dry completely before peeling off the template, then wash the shirt according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

Cute Critter Clutch

This felt pig and her seven friends (see links below) have so much animal magnetism, your child may want to make enough of them to fill a zoo. Click here for the piglet template.


* Scissors
* Felt
* Tacky glue
* Markers
* Stiff felt


1. Cut two 5 1/2-inch circles from the felt.
2. Decorate one circle with glued-on felt facial features (eyes, ears, mouth) and marker details. If desired, add a tail, feet, or other features to the second circle.
3. From the stiff felt, cut 2 partial circles as shown below, then cut a hole in each to form handles. Glue the bottom of each handle to the inside of one of the felt circles.
4. Apply a line of glue along the inside edge of one circle, excluding the part with the handle. Press the circles together, aligning the handles, and let the purse dry overnight.

For more Critter Clutches, click below:

Fur Handbag

To craft this funky satchel, simply fold and glue a brightly hued length of faux fur.


* 8- by 49-inch piece of fake fur fabric
* Tacky glue
* 2- by 7 1/2-inch strip of craft foam
* Needle and thread
* 2 large buttons
* Curtain tieback with loop ends (available at fabric stores)


1. Lay the fabric fuzzy side down. Following diagram 1, glue the craft foam strip to the fabric. Next, apply glue as shown, then fold both ends of the fabric and press firmly to seal the seams.
2. Apply more glue as shown in diagram 2, above, then fold the fabric (be sure to fold this piece up to the top of the foam strip). Let the purse dry overnight.
3. Sew the buttons to the back of the purse as shown at left, one through each end of the foam strip. Don’t stitch through the front of the bag. Place the tieback cord loops around each button for a handle.

Sweatshirt Shrugs

Turn a sweatshirt into a fashionable shrug!


* Scissors
* Sweatshirt
* Needle
* Embroidery floss
* Pinking shears
* Sweatshirt
* Transparent tape
* Scissors
* Pony beads


1. For Sew Simple Shirt: Cut the sweatshirt following the diagram. To add a colorful border, first thread the needle with a full piece of floss (all 6 strands). Then turn the fabric under 1/2 inch along the edges and whipstitch it into place.
2. For Fringe-tastic Top: With the pinking shears, cut the sweatshirt as shown. To make the fringe, place a band of tape all the way around the bottom of the sweatshirt, 2 1/2 inches from the edge. Use the scissors to cut up to the tape every 1/2 inch. Remove the tape, then thread a pony bead on every other strand and knot to secure. Knot the rest of the fringe to complete the shrug.

Student’s Pet Tee

Take your pet with you to school — on your shirt!


* Digital camera
* Ink-jet printer
* T-shirt transfer paper (we used Avery Dark)
* Iron
* T-shirt


1. Take a photo of your pet and enlarge the image (ours is approximately 6 by 9 inches), then print it on the transfer paper. (We recommend Avery Dark, which stands up to multiple washings.)
2. Following the manufacturer’s directions, iron the image onto the T-shirt. Wash the shirt according to the package instructions.

*Disclaimer: These crafts are from Family Fun. Family Fun did not compensate me in any way for this post. I’m simply a fan of Family Fun and thought I would pass these crafts on to you.