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It’s Like I Can’t Shut Up

Do you talk too much in your blog?

This result shocks me. I can’t write a short blog post to save my life. Which is really weird, because I’m not all that long-winded in real life (though I’m betting some people dispute that! HA!), but when it comes to my writing, I just don’t shut up.

And there are so many times I’m writing a blog entry and I think to myself, “I should really shut up now, and I will, right after this next point,” and of course, I don’t because something else occurs to me and I feel compelled to write it out. So, I AM aware that my blog posts are often times too long, I just can’t help it. Once these fingers get going, there’s no stopping them.

Like THIS entry for example, instead of writing all of this I could have simple said, “I disagree with this result.”

See? Short and sweet.

Apparently, I don’t DO short and sweet. 😀

What about you? Do you feel like you talk too much on your blog AND/OR in real life?

5 thoughts on “It’s Like I Can’t Shut Up”

  1. I don’t have word counts on my posts, but I’m not very verbose at all. I had a friend who could spend 30 minutes telling a story. I could tell the same story, will all the same information, in 5 minutes.

    My writing is the same – short, sweet, and to the point (for the most part).

    Yet this quiz tells me that my posts are 51% LONGER than the average blogger.

    I think, indeed, the quiz is messed up.

  2. HAHA! I love it. I agree, I’m calling foul with this quiz because I too find it hard to keep my posts under 2,000.

    “I will get a 30+ minute lecture on the history, usage and many examples.”

    That is too funny!

  3. My husband’s blog posts resemble novellas. This quiz claimed that his posts were 80% shorter than the average blog post. I cry “Bullsh*”! If I ask my husband a simple question, such as wanting to verify the correct usage for some punctuation, I will get a 30+ minute lecture on the history, usage and many examples. So, they can’t tell me his posts are 80% shorter than average. He struggles to keep his posts under 2000 words as it is!

  4. Still think you should summarize your posts with bullet points for those of us with not enough time to read everything.

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