Fifteen Years Ago, I Gave Birth to an Eight Pound, Eight Ounce Boy

Hi. This is me and my baby:

Me and Birthday Boy - 2010

Yes. My baby. Who is 15 years old today!!

Fifteen. Wow. That still just blows my mind.

This mischievous imp,


this adorably charming boy,


has really grown into a smart, handsome, talented young man.

He loves everything to do with Zelda and Mario. He LIVES (his words, not mine) for jazz. He’s one talented saxophone player and routinely moves me to tears when I watch him perform.

He’s warm, goofy, compassionate, considerate and a loud talker (I tease him about that all the time). He looks nothing like me and every bit like his father. He’s fiercely independent and sometimes unreasonably stubborn. He doesn’t like to ask for help and most often will not ask, even when he should.

He has many girl “friends” and I suspect it won’t be long before he brings home a GIRLfriend.

He’s my baby.

We’ve been spending a pretty quiet day at home. We allowed him to have two friends over, but one of them couldn’t make it. He’s been having fun just hanging out and being silly.

In other words, typical teenage stuff. 😀

It’s nearly time to take them to the arcade. It’s called 1984 and it’s filled with 80’s-type pinball and arcade games. Jazz has been there before for another birthday party and said it was pretty fun.

We’ll spend a few hours over there before heading to Zios (Italian restaurant) for dinner. Then back home for cookie cake and ice cream.

Birthdays are pretty low key at our house.

Happy birthday, Jazz. We love you!

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