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Saturday Q & A

And I’m tired of talking.

It’s your turn.

I’ll ask a question, the first person to comment answers my question.

That first commenter then asks his/her question, the next commenter answers the question and then asks a question of his/her own and so on.

Clear as mud?

Here’s my question:

Spring is coming – what Easter candy are you excited to see back on store shelves?

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Q & A”

  1. Oh easy – to become published! Of course, that would entail writing and since I’m such a lazy slug …

    What global problem do you care about the most?

  2. I always wanted the Easter Bunny to bring me caramel filled eggs… but he was a bit slow on the uptake. He was always good for a Humpty Dumpty egg.. and tradition we’ve carried on now I have a son.

    Given it is the Equinox this weekend – symbolising the midway point and the balance… how do you maintain the work-family-friend-me balance in your life?

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