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Video: Problem Solving and Reason #456 that I’m Thankful for My Husband

I’ve mentioned that math is not Dude’s strength. This video is a (nearly) nightly occurrence at our house during the semesters that Dude has math. (Though I don’t know, Dude does a pretty good job figuring stuff out on his own).

Fortunately, Kevin can help him. Because if the kid had to rely on ME to help him through this maze of numbers and letters, he’d still be at the 3rd grade level.


The guys are doing Algebra II. And I thought it was cute that they were both doing the problem and then comparing answers. This stuff is HARD – and my husband is an accountant!

Kevin said the stuff that Dude is doing is harder than the math he took in college!

Yet another reason I’m thankful for my husband – math.

ADDED: I was sitting here, at my computer, listening to the guys work through the problems last night and Dude was actually teaching Kevin how to do the problems.

I tell Dude, all the time, he’s smart, that he’s smarter than he gives himself credit for and the little victories like tonight, like proving his dad wrong, like re-taking a test and earning a much better grade, on his own with no help from us, gives him more and more confidence. And the more confidence Dude earns, the better he performs.

My oldest son is growing up to be one SMART cookie and as I watch him evolve into this incredible man, right before my eyes, all I can do is stand out of his way and smile.