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Trick-or-Treat, Sucka!

HAHAHA! Oh come on, it’s funny!

(And scary! And inevitable! And sad! And wrong! And …..

Give me candy. What! I’m less fortunate than you! I’m old and … and unemployed …. and … I don’t have a costume. And you’re standing right there. And your candy looks so gooood and stop being so stingy! So what if you worked for it! I like candy, I’m ENTITLED to some candy because look! I’m a human, too!

oh never mind, Happy Halloween.)

*This post was brought to you by the letter S … for sarcasm. *wink*

Photo Story Friday

Photo Flashback: Dude’s First Halloween


I thought family members would get a kick out of seeing this:

This is Dude and Nanny (Kevin’s grandmother – who recently passed away). Dude is a little under a year in this picture and though he was okay wearing this costume in this picture, he melted down about 2.2 seconds after it was snapped.

My mom came up with this nifty idea. It’s a regular sleeper, but she made the clown embellishments. Pretty clever, right?

She’s a crafty one, my mom.

Looking at this picture, and looking at Dude’s profile picture in the sidebar, I don’t know, is this even the same kid?! It seems like he was NEVER this small.

*SIGH* Kids grow up waaaay too fast. Enjoy them while you can!